my brother and me are diabetics

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i was so busy with my own problems i for got about to tell you all about my brother. his name is tony he also is type2 diabetic. he is worse than i am.he was in the marines he is a vet . i proud of my baby brother he so funny no matter what life throws act him he just laugh.we come from an unhappy home life it three of us i'm the oldest and i caught the worst of it then he did never my baby sister though. i allways felt that my mother hated me. so people don't ever feel sad there is allways some one worse off then you . when my brother came out of the service he couldn't handle it so he started to drink, then drugs then needles.then we lost track of him for at least 15 years. last year he called my father and told him where he was. every since that day i make sure he knows i love him and allway will be there for him. when you grow up like we did anything can happen. that why i say thank for for theman upstairs and for careing people. i told you all my family on my father side most of them died from diabeties complcations. but not me or my brother we will fight this i told him about this sit but he don't have a computer.sometimes he just sits and rock and cries you know he will not talk about when he was in the marines. i can't get himto open up can anyone tell me what to do.

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Because your brother was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, he can seek and receive therapy, counseling and medical care for his mental anguish as well as his diabetes, the two of you need to continue being there for one another and forming your own internal support group.
Try your best to help him get involved with a support group such as Diabetic Connect or something locally or within the U.S. Veteran's Administration, take advantage of his military benefits.
Don't let up or give up on him, you may be just what he needs to work himself out of his depressive mental state.

These links may be of interest to you :


shorty31 2010-03-27 12:46:30 -0500 Report

mays i have to tell you this love you very much you allways answer my request now matter what. i wish i could meet you in person i think we would be very good friends. i love this site. everyone is so open and honest. should have done this long befor now.don't worry ilove him tomuch he was allway there for me. he was my wings i get cery emotional when i talk about him. i feel responsible because i am the oldest i should have protected him better. we would not have gone through what we did as children.

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