Interactive Symptom checker

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2010-03-27 08:09:26 -0500
Started 2010-03-25 09:41:04 -0500

We have a cool new feature I just found. It is called a symptom checker and it is in our new Health Center.
It is great and very easy to use. I did a check on my feet. There are all kinds of things you can look into. Give it a try.

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Alyssa512 2010-03-26 19:43:22 -0500 Report

i didnt see that gabby. Thats pretty cool. i'll be using this when im acting like a baby and cant find whats wrong with me.

GabbyPA 2010-03-27 08:09:26 -0500 Report

LOL! Can I have my husband use it then too? I did a little test on it for my feet and it asked a lot of great questions. It is a very neat feature and I love the interaction of it...but then, I am a bit of geek when it comes to things like that. I hope everyone takes a look at it. I found it in exploring and it is way cool.

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