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John Crowley
By John Crowley Latest Reply 2010-03-30 14:21:14 -0500
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Tracy is our Community Manager on our sister site, Sleep Connect. She has undertaken a great project to try to help those who are struggling to afford their medical supplies in this tough economy. She is putting together a cookbook and all the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will provide help to those in need.

We encourage you to submit your favorite healthy recipes to Tracy to be included in the cookbook. Here's a link where you can learn more and submit your recipes:

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John Crowley
John Crowley 2010-03-30 14:21:14 -0500 Report

Don't forget to get your favorite recipes submitted. Tracy is still in need of your help. And this is such a great cause.

Tracy 2010-03-23 13:12:41 -0500 Report

Thank you John for sharing that link! Our PAY IT FORWARD cookbook project is near and dear to my heart! So many diabetics also have sleep apnea - myself included!

I thank you in advance for sharing recipes for the diabetic - know YOU will be paying it forward by helping others with your generosity. I am so thankful to be a part of the sleepconnect and diabetic communities ... there is nothing better than patient to patient mentoring and support.


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