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Started 2010-03-22 17:41:19 -0500

i am wondering if some problems i am having with my liver could be causing my sugar counts to go up and down? has anyone else experienced this?

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bluemax 2010-03-27 19:00:15 -0500 Report

Don't mess with liver problems … go to your doctor. You need well liver, again … SEE your doctor!

GabbyPA 2010-03-22 18:04:24 -0500 Report

What kind of liver troubles are you having? Is your doctor aware of it?

Your liver produces glycogen and it is the body's form of glucose. For instance, if you are stressed, your liver gives you glycogen to help you cope. Many of us have what is called a dawn phenomenon and that is triggered when our liver delivers glycogen to get us up in the morning. So it does normally do a lot of things that affect your levels. But if it is an ill liver, I would get it checked out with your doctor and let them know you are having levels that are going up or down.

buffy360 2011-10-25 02:20:04 -0500 Report

Having elevated liver enzymes… After hyperkalemia, gall bladder surgery, pneumonia, diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis (2d autoimmune after Asthma), then iron deficient anemia! In three years felt like walking through mine field! I'm getting stronger but still learning how to eat around food allergies and now prediabetic (120)! Tired just talking about it. Not easy to get up 'n go, only 51.

Harlen 2010-03-22 17:47:59 -0500 Report

Without knowing whats going on whith your liver I would sey yes
Best wishes

judylynn4168 2010-08-25 14:38:13 -0500 Report

hi harlen i have the same problem but my sugars are fine .i have been eating better and away from some carbs and red meat .now my liver numbers are better.take care JUDY

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