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Patty johnson
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I was diagnosed with Type 2 on 2/22/2010 and I had to start injections immediately. I take them 4 x daily. I was off the charts- BG was 429 after fasting all night, AiC was 14%. I am glad it was discovered when it was. My BG is now @ 115 @ rising. I start nutrition classes 4/5/2010.

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Markus 2010-03-22 14:58:23 -0500 Report

I wish my doctor would have started me on insulin sooner. I'm still at it after 3 years and wish my BG was 115 or lower after fasting. I'm finding out that there is no cheating on the diet except for cheating myself of good BG numbers. I exercise everyday. I avoid white pasta, white bread, and potatoes at all costs. Sounds like you're off to a good start and at the right place. DC is really helping me since I found my way back here a few weeks ago. We are one big family!

Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2010-03-23 09:17:20 -0500 Report

I have now after 1 month since diagnosis got my overnight fasting down to 99. It was 429 2/22/10!! Wow, I didn't think I'd ever get it there. I go back to the dr for a check up on 3/29/10 and start nutrition classes 4/5/10 for about 8 weeks. My downfsll is I hate to excercise!

Danielle B
Danielle B 2010-03-22 14:32:28 -0500 Report

Hi Patty

I was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 21 years ago and I hated needles with a passion. I have never been afraid of another needle after giving myself my very first shot in the hospital. I was on 4x daily too. I am now on a pump and only have to change my site every three days. LOVE IT! The hsots were not my problem though. I just did not bother to check BG as often as I should. Causes a lot of issues that way so be warned up front that it is vital to check often.

Like Harlem said, we are all here and some how we will find an answer to the concerns that arise. Welcome and good luck getting A1C down.


Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2010-03-23 09:21:22 -0500 Report

Hi Danielle,
Thanks for the encouraging words. Getting that A1C down is a priority for me now that my BG fasting is down. The bad thing is I don't meal plan. I still crave sweets…

Harlen 2010-03-22 14:02:01 -0500 Report

Hello and welome
Sorry you need to be here I hate shots lol was doing 10 to 13 a day brrrrr
If you have any questions just ask we all are glad to help
Best wishes

spiritwalker 2010-03-22 13:17:46 -0500 Report

Patty, Welcome to Dc. We are a family here. We share information,experiences
from our lives as persons with diabetes. Its a good place to learn and exchange
ideas. Glad you joined us.

MAYS 2010-03-22 12:50:40 -0500 Report

Thankfully you were diagnosed and started treatment and a program to control your glucose level.
Keep doing for yourself as you have been doing.
Your level of 115 isn't bad but can be better, with more control over time this will get better also !

Congratulations on your success and keep going, remember you control your diabetes, don't let it control you !

Good luck with the nutrition classes.


Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2010-03-23 09:30:23 -0500 Report

Thanks Mays! Everyone is so nice and encouraging I am glad I joined. Are we supposed to cut sugar/sweets out of the picture? So far I've been just counting any sweet into my carb count…

MAYS 2010-03-23 09:58:10 -0500 Report

No, you do not have to cut sweets totally out of your diet, many do so because it's easier to do, just limit the amount of added sugar that is incorporated into your diet, what you are looking to do is to manage your sugar and carbohydrate input, thus by controlling your glucose level coupled with any type of physical activity and \ or medication will go a long way in doing this.

Stay away from the home remedies and old wives tales of misinformation (it coupled with diabetes does more harm than good) and rely on proven medical advice and procedure, it can be hard and frustrating but one of the joys is getting involved in meal preparation and cooking, it grows on you and the possibilities are endless and rewarding !

What you are doing is working, your numbers indicate this, don't stop or get discouraged, you are doing GREAT, keep moving forward !


Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2010-04-01 08:17:46 -0500 Report

Thanks! My eyesight has improved dramatically! Don't need my glasses anymore! I am having them retested in 2 weeks as that will be 2 months since diagnosis. I had just ordered new specks before the diagnosis and couldn't see out of them and they made me dizzy so will retest and adjust as I do need some tri-focal help! But I was so shocked when I was driving home from work one day and discovered I wasn't wearing my glasses and kinda panicked, THEN REALIZED I COULD SEE WITH OUT THEM. Amazing. Anyone else experience this?

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