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i was diagnosed the end of Sept 2009, and my husband died Oct 14…i lost 14 lbs, but i was sick from Sept thru Jan. I had a sinus infection, and vasculitis. Once they gave me steriods the red bumps went away and left blue looking places. I am joining weight watchers again next week, because i got to goal weight with them before, but i don't hear any of you talking about eating any fruit? Do you have to cut it all out, and do vegetables alone?

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GabbyPA 2010-03-24 18:33:04 -0500 Report

Welcome to the community Scrapper. I hope that you find a lot of help here.

Fruit can be tricky, but the best thing is to find out how it works for you. First, always choose a whole fruit over a glass of juice. You get all the benefits of fiber, fullness and vitamins in a natural fruit.

Then you find the fruits that like you back. Apples, pears, cantalope, blueberries, strawberries and rasberries are great for me, but your body may say NO WAY! The way to find out is to choose your favorite fruits, eat a single portion and then test to see how your body deals with it. Test every 30 minutes after you eat it, for up to 2 hours or so and see how it reacts.

Often, if you combine a good fat with your fruit, you will keep the spikes to a minimum as well. Like eat a tablespoon of peanutbutter with your apple or some whipped cream with your strawberries. The fat slows down the release of the glucose into your bloodstream and gives you a lower more steady rise.

Try to always eat your fruits raw instead of cooked. I enjoy making strawberry smoothies with some protein powder which also slows down the release of glucose.

Here are some links to help you out.

So eat fruit, just watch what it does.

SkipT 2010-03-21 20:09:40 -0500 Report

I haven't eaten any fruit in over 3 years. My taste has changed so much, that for me, things like cauliflower and green peppers are like candy! I have lost over 70 lbs and maintain my BG through diet and exercise only.

spiritwalker 2010-03-21 15:03:23 -0500 Report

Hi Scrapper, Welcome to DC. Its difficult when you are first diagnosed.
You have had many challenges at one time. I am sorry you lost your
husband. The lose of one we love is devastating. I am a typ2. I eat
fruit twice a day. The key is portions, and a process of seeing which
you can eat without your bg going up. My method was simple. I ate a fruit
than tested my bg 2 hours later. If the bg was up I crossed the fruit off
my list. DC is a good place with caring people willing to share their
experiences. We are glad you joined us.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-03-21 12:57:09 -0500 Report

Hi Scrapper…Sorry to hear about your husband…The lose has to be devastating for you… I want to welcome you to DC…I think you will find answers to a lot of your questions and concerns here…That being said, I know a lot of diabetics who can eat fruit with few problems, I myself have found that I am very limited as to what fruits I can eat without spiking my BG…And, it is a process of elimination…I have found that none of this happens over night…I am just now really learning what I can and can not eat…I was diagnosed 2 years ago in April…It has taken me this long to finally get some of it figured out…It is a lot of trial and error, but, hang in there and you will eventually get it figured out…I am a type 1, and I think that is one reason that it has been harder for me, and taken longer to figure some of this stuff out, and I am still working on it! I think that it is a never ending battle, but, we can't give up; we have got to keep on fighting, and we are all different; what works for one doesn't neccessarily works for another…Good luck on losing the weight you are wanting to loose…With you being a type 2, that should help you a lot with controlling your BG…


Harlen 2010-03-21 12:40:31 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
I eat a lot of fruit but I keep the carbs low.
I love freesh fruit.
Got to keep it to just a little at a time
Best wishes

jayabee52 2010-03-21 12:03:56 -0500 Report

Howdy Scrapper
I want to start by saying WELCOME to DC!

I am sorry to learn of your husband.

I eat fruit, but only certain kinds. But that is because of some of my other medical "challenges".

One of the things I have noticed is that each diabetic reacts differently to different foods. What I may eat and not get much of a rise in my BG (blood glucose) someone else eats and it sends their BGs sky high. It is a learning process. If I had some peaches, and 2 hrs later I am in the 200s I probably shouldn't eat peaches. But I may be able to eat an apple. Also there is the issue of portion control. If I eat a lot of something my BGs are gonna rise, even if it normally doesn't raise BGs that badly.

I hope your Dr sent you to nutrition counseling. The nutritionist can help you with things that are better to eat and things to avoid.

How are your BGs after taking the steroids? Probably not good as steroids usually send your BGs high and keep them high for quite a while after you stop taking them. My bride "Jem" had to take prednisone back in November and it seems she's just now getting her BGs in better control

You might like to find the discussion "Share your numbers with us daily #6" here: You might find some help and encouragement there to be able to get your BG#s down.

Again, welcome to DC, Scrapper. You'll find a lot of great people here all looking for the same thing, better control of their diabetes. Hope to see you around!

scrapper 2010-03-21 16:06:20 -0500 Report

Actually, the steroids only bothered my bg while i was taking them. My husband had heart disease, copd and diabetes and yes he took 10 mg of steriods a day to breathe and his bg was high sometimes, sometimes not so high. When my doctor first drew my blood my A1C was 11, but when it was drawn again in feb it was only 6, but he's the one that said go back to weight watchers and stay. Thanks for all of your information. Saretta

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