DKA- what was your experience like?

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Hi all, i haven't been here for quite a while but its nice to see some of the same friendly faces!

So i suffered with DKA back in october and havent felt healthy ever since. The hole experience left me very shaken up and traumatised! after spending 2 days in icu and a futher 3 days in hospital with drips and a urine cathador thigs completely regressed when i finially came home!! i was afraid to eat, i was afraid to leave the house, i didnt trust the meter, i would go extrememly low and and over react! i felt like my body was completely going to fail me. I promised myself i would never let something like that happen again however things are still out of control, im not taking my insulin out of pure lazyness and its basicaly routing now that i dont take the lantus, im not recording the sugar level and i really am falling into a hole which i feel like ill never be able to climb out of!
The DKA experience was supposed to be a wake up call for me taking control, now its just something which i barely survived and left me confused about what kind of life im capable of living.
After having type onefor 6 years i always believed controlling and accepting that my life would need to change would get easier, but instead my health is deteriorating as well as my optimism for life, and im only 22!!
I was wondering what other experiences people may of had with DKA please share !! did you seek
appropriate help support or advice which you may think might help myself and others??

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Welcome to Diabetic Connect !

First and foremost, DKA is very serious and all diabetics should know the signs and symptoms of such because although it can happen to type 1 diabetics, it also happens to type 2 diabetics.

You must be very careful and both monitor and manage your glucose level and take your insulin when and in the necessary dosage, here is some information :

What is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) ?

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening condition that develops when cells in the body are unable to get the sugar (glucose) they need for energy, such as when you have diabetes and do not take enough insulin. Without insulin, the body cannot use sugar for energy. When the cells do not receive sugar, the body begins to break down fat and muscle for energy. When this happens, ketones, or fatty acids, are produced and enter the bloodstream, causing the chemical imbalance (metabolic acidosis) called diabetic ketoacidosis.

What causes DKA ?

Ketoacidosis can be caused by not taking enough insulin, having a severe infection or other illness, becoming severely dehydrated, or some combination of these factors. It can occur in people who have little or no insulin in their bodies (mostly people with type 1 diabetes, but it can happen with type 2 diabetes) when their blood sugar levels are high.

What are the symptoms ?

Your blood sugar may be quite high before you notice symptoms, which include:

Flushed, hot, dry skin.
Blurred vision.
Feeling thirsty.
Drowsiness or difficulty waking up. Young children may lack interest in their normal activities.
Rapid, deep breathing.
A strong, fruity breath odor.
Loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

When diabetic ketoacidosis is severe, you may have difficulty breathing, your brain may swell (cerebral edema), and there is a risk of coma and even death.