New Diabetic Connect Site Design

By MAYS Latest Reply 2010-03-17 12:24:29 -0500
Started 2010-03-17 06:25:06 -0500

Some people don't take well to change, others do.

I love the new site \ page design here at Diabetic Connect, some may not, but the progressive nature of both technology and information is essential.

Good or Bad, what's your view on the new site design of (DC) ?

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MAYS 2010-03-17 09:19:35 -0500 Report

I agree that the new " Health Center " is superb, and should be explored by all members, browse around in it, navigate it, conquer it !
This new site design is an adventure, a pleasant one at that, enjoy it !
" Mays "

dietcherry 2010-03-17 09:07:53 -0500 Report

I don't like alot of white as a background! I did prefer the deeper colors of the old design; however the improvements in finding people and locating friends in your friends' list is easier and the new health center is cool! :)

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-03-17 09:12:42 -0500 Report

I don't know if I like this new design or not, right now I can't make heads nor tails out of it! LOL

dietcherry 2010-03-17 09:15:41 -0500 Report

Yes, and it looks like I lost all my tracked discussions; I had over 10 pages! That's a bummer. And I just clicked on what I thought was a new discussion and no one had replied to it since early January! What is going on?! LOL

dietcherry 2010-03-17 09:17:17 -0500 Report

OK, one more thing then I'll shut up; I preferred the was responsed were in order moving downward; this way, it is last comment first. Not so much…

dietcherry 2010-03-17 09:18:27 -0500 Report

And I can't edit a typo! (see last response) Uhoh, no more shooting my mouth off and then being able to take it back YIKES!

kdroberts 2010-03-17 09:22:51 -0500 Report

Try going to Profile > Activity and then clicking on Only Tracked Items. It's different to the way it used to work though.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-03-17 11:05:17 -0500 Report

Renee, I am totally confused…I went into my inbox to check my messages, and there was nothing there from someone who said that they had sent a message…Then, when I started to send a message to someone, at the bottom where the "send" used to be, it said, send to all; instead of sending that message, since I was not sure who all would get it, I just emailed them instead… I guess we will just have to get all of our friends email addresses so that we do not lose touch. I lost all of my tracked discussions as well! I wrote out a long message to John Crowley to try to find out what was going on, and when I tried to send it, I got this message that that page was not available…Right now, I am just very upset with things… ?????????? :)

John Crowley
John Crowley 2010-03-17 11:41:51 -0500 Report

We are clearly having some trouble with the inbox. Like all big projects, there's always something that doesn't go quite as planned :-)

We'll get that fixed as soon as we can.

I attempted to send out a Site Notification this morning but it appears there's a glitch in that system too. That's why your inbox is telling you there is a new message, but nothing is there. I'll get that fixed right away as well.

Thanks for your patience.

kdroberts 2010-03-17 11:52:27 -0500 Report

The notification page seems to be sorting oldest to newest rather than the other way round. I can see some people getting the message but not seeing it because it's not on the first page.

dietcherry 2010-03-17 11:58:08 -0500 Report

Sorry to dump on you, John, but all this white is truly giving me eyestrain and a headache! Could be please have the darker colors back! I need more contrast!!!

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-03-17 12:24:29 -0500 Report

Thank you John,

I understand completely…My husband designs and writes software for Doctors and hospitals, and it seems that there is always somthing that has to be changed or fixed…

Again, thank you so much for immediate response to my concerns…


kdroberts 2010-03-17 11:55:03 -0500 Report

If you are sending a brand new message by clicking on the person and then clicking send message, you should still have the "send message" button and the option to add/remove people from the "to" box. If you are replying to a message you can see who it is going to just underneath the title of the email. It says something like "conversation between you and xxx"

Pam from KCMO
Pam from KCMO 2010-03-17 06:51:13 -0500 Report

I like it. Though I admit my first response upon opening it was "Whoa, what the heck???" My typical reaction to change - at least initially.

It does seem cleaner and easier to navigate. Yes, there will be a little bit of a learning curve as I figure out where to click, but it'll be second nature soon.

And I have a personal interest as well - we're redesigning our web site at work so the new DC site will be fun to explore, and to try to figure out the changes and the 'why' behind them.

tink2707 2010-03-17 06:39:28 -0500 Report

mays you are so right about change, but i try to limit my dislike of change to when they shuffle around my bosses at work. lol.

but so far im loving the new site design. it seems a lot cleaner and easier to navigate to me.