Low blood sugar reading

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Started 2010-03-12 07:34:46 -0600

Im type 2, been diagnosed type for a couple of weeks.
Yesterday I did a blood test at home and was 5.7 (usually its been about 12-17. Do I need to be aware of my sugar being to low? what is too low?



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kdroberts 2010-03-12 07:48:04 -0600 Report

5.7 is roughly 102 in US measurement which is a normal (slightly high normal really) . Low for you would be roughly under 3.8, maybe 3.3 depending on who you ask.

Are you on any medications? Certain ones increase your chances of low blood sugar, others don't. If you are not on medication then it is unlikely that you would need to worry about low blood sugar but it's always good to know the warning signs.