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This is dedicated to all of the diabetics in support groups or roles, aiding others in their time of confusion and need.

Without you, the words, the feelings, the confusion I would have never been able to overcome.

Without you, the first steps, although hard, sometimes small and painful, may have never been taken by myself.

Without you, the meaning and causes of diabetes would have remained a blur.
The desire to know and to understand would not have come and each day would have been darker than the day before.

Without you, the process of trying would have ended with the first stumble and ultimate fall.
But the extended hand and warm smile said,
Try again after brushing me off and pointing me in the right direction again and again.

Without you, waiting patiently as I learned my lessons, some faster than others, I may have skipped some lessons altogether, creating major setbacks later on in life.

Without you checking up on me, making sure that I was fine, caring for my needs of comfort when necessary, seeking nothing in return.
Taking the time to teach, while enduring your very own pain, yet always managing to smile.

Without you, my journey as s diabetic, may have been brief and disastrous, instead it has been warm, educational, loving and supportive.
Allowing me to appreciate life, my life, even more, making it much more meaningful, understanding and fulfilling.

Without you as the inspiration of success,
the role model that I strive to be like,
to imitate proudly, knowing that I am the proof that what you have shown and instilled in me actually works, making me an extension of you.

Without you, none of this would have been possible.
I must now teach what has been taught,
I must give back what has been gotten,
What I have seen, must now be shown.

One day these very same words will be said to me by another diabetic and I will always remember the person who took my hand and started it all, the one who started this process of hope, and self healing, and that person is you !

It would not have been possible, without you.
And for this, I will be forever grateful.


" Mays "

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cc9 2010-03-15 21:43:50 -0500 Report

mays thanks for joining in for danni. i wish i was living closer to where she is to help her recuperate. but i guess the most i can for now is to send her my loving prayers and thoughts.

dietcherry 2010-03-15 21:33:51 -0500 Report

Thank you, MAYS. Your words are beautiful, inspiring, and just what I personally needed to read! I am overwhelmed with emotion for what one of our own is having to endure-and she is doing it with such grace! Her cross is heavy and may we all help lighten her load with our prayers, love and support! Renee :)

MAYS 2010-03-14 18:04:52 -0500 Report

Renee (dietcherry) asked me to write something positive for those who have weathered the beginning of the storm to say the least of diabetes.
I thought that it would be appropriate to create something that would honor those who help others to learn how to deal with diabetes, diabetics and caregivers alike.
This is dedicated to the DC Community and the Sweetest Angel this side of Heaven, Danielle (Danni).

Renee, thank you for the faith and inspiration.

" Mays "

Deborah L
Deborah L 2010-03-12 14:51:10 -0600 Report

Mays, that is so beautiful and comforting. Thank you for sharing that. And yes, I'm grateful you were all here for me in the beginning and even now. What an honor to pass it on. Deborah

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