Who wants to try 30 days of Veggies?

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2008-09-06 13:47:53 -0500
Started 2008-07-29 13:21:02 -0500

John posted a video the other day that showed that a raw diet for 30 days coupled with exercise and close monitoring of our numbers, emotions and surroundings produced some encouraging results.
While I am not advocating doing something your doctor would have heart failure over. I am wanting to see if anyone for the month of August would like to join me in eating a vegetarian diet?
Protein from our beans and lintels, carbs from our fruits, and lots of great raw veggies to fill the gaps. Nothing processed or cooked (within reason if you must)
I am already an experiment over in the "RED WINE" discussion. I would love to share some ideas and yummy ideas with anyone who would like to join me in this venture.
Who knows, just like learning to live without sugar, perhaps I could learn to live a vegan lifestyle…or not. But for 30 days, I'm willing to give it a try.

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MAMA J 2008-08-31 14:18:54 -0500 Report

a few days a week i do an all day veggie diet. i have more stanima than when i eat meat. also 3 to 4 days a week i eat baked broiled steamed or grilled fish

GabbyPA 2008-08-31 18:08:44 -0500 Report

We are getting better about adding fish to our diets. I found a great meat market that sells Talapia for 1.29 a pound! It is fantastic and I actually look forward to cooking fish more now.
I feel better with the veggie meals, they clean me up and make me feel like I can do anything.

GabbyPA 2008-08-31 12:29:18 -0500 Report

Here you go everyone

August is over and my vegitarian experiment to help control my BG numbers has come to a close. Remember, I am not taking any meds to help, this is total diet, and exercise. Here is what I have found.

Before 1 month average: 229
After 1 month average: 215

Before AM read average: 245
After AM read average:216

Before Lowest AM read: 209
After Lowest AM read: 187

Before Highest AM read: 297
After Highest AM read: 252

Before August I did not test after a meal, but after I started my vegitarian meals, I found my numbers averaged (over 29 after meal tests) to be an 8 point raise. That is phenominal.

I did decide that the vgan style of life is great, but not for me. If I was in a more controlled environment as the test subjects in the video, then I would be much more disciplined. Specially since I would not have to prepare those kinds of meals which can be very time consuming with deyhdrating, sprouting and so on.

The other factors that may be part of my success are that I was drinking red wine to help reduce my after dinner meal BG rise since the end of July, and my exercise routine had increased from 5 min to 15 min (I am following the "no excuse exercise program" discussion)

I conclude that this experiment is a sucess for me in that I plan to continue sprouting my own sprouts, eating vegitarian meals for my breakfast and lunch, reserving my carnivoir ways for my family meal. I struggled with feeling full in the beginning, but as I added more sprouts, nuts and beans to my meals, I found that I would be quite satisfied.

Stay tuned for my next monthly challenge...I am always looking for something to kick it up a notch.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-09-02 10:25:27 -0500 Report

You've certainly made good progress. Definitely keep at it. You will feel so much better when you get those numbers down even more.

Any progress on getting in to see a doctor? Just wondering.

GabbyPA 2008-09-02 10:34:57 -0500 Report

Thanks, yes...I know my numbers are still very high. Since March they have dropped from the mid 300's, so at least I am still going in the right direction. I have seen more 170's this last month then I ever had, I even had a 149. I was thrilled.
Unfortunately I have not seen a doctor yet. I applied at our county health department, but I make too much to qualify unless I get rabies or soemthing communal...eeeewwww. LOL
I work in the housing industry, and we are just not quite making it. So I focus on all the good things I can do with what I have like making sure our groceries are healthy, my supplements are helping, and keep on working as much as I can. Once I get past the big visit with all the preliminary lab work, I could handle the $100 visits from then. It is just that first visit that is preventing me from going.
Thanks for asking. In some ways, I don't mind. It is pushing me to find ways on my own to take care of myself, and as long as the numbers continue to drop, I won't panic. I kind of feel a sense of accomplishment it doing it this way. But then, you know. I'm just kind of weird. LOL

2008-08-23 04:55:41 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby'
I will join you, I have been wanting to do this way of eating for a long time.
I will start today.

GabbyPA 2008-08-23 10:55:13 -0500 Report

Great, you will have to post your results and recipies you find on the site for all of us to share. I have posted several veggie meals in the dinner section, so go check them out. Some great salads and fruit salads too. Giving us more vegitarian meals to choose from is a great way to help everyone. Thanks for joining!!

GabbyPA 2008-08-21 12:29:33 -0500 Report

Well, just over a week to go and I have to say, that I found that I am really enjoying this. Vegitarian is not so hard and nut meat is really quite good. I have to say that the raw this is a bit extreme for me and my pocket book, but I have learned a lot of great things. Like sprouting my own beans is really easy and then they are always fresh.
I have made a lasagna that is only veggies, not even pasta and it is really good. I also made a white chili that the whole family enjoyed, though the yogurt is a diviation, it really makes the flavor great. I am going to post those on the site. OH! and spaghetti squash has found a new home with me. I used to hate it growing up because I wanted it to BE spaghetti...add some salsa to it, and bam! It is great.
So as I wrap up my experiment I have to say that I have lowered my weekly average in all but one week so far. I feel good and now instead of craving carbs and meat, I am craving veggies even more. I love that, it is so much less stressful eating. Less worry of counting, and calculating. I may never be a vegitarian or vegan, but I sure will be more willing to eat more vegitarian meals.

GabbyPA 2008-08-15 13:29:54 -0500 Report

I have found a great site that can help us with finding recipies for our veggie month.


It is a lot of organic and some unusal things to try. Cactus Jerky is on my list to try next week...hmmm. Hope I can figure out how to get the thorns off the pads. LOL
I have posted a few new recipies that I have made during my veggie trials. I only posted the ones that I like. Vegans and Vegitarians eat larger portions than I would recommend for us, so I have modified them to fit into our specific needs.

GabbyPA 2008-08-08 04:15:47 -0500 Report

It has been a week and here is what I have found while trying to eat a vegitarian diet.
1. I am a meat eater! LOL. I am sticking to it, but a bite or two has slipped thru.
2. I have lost some weight. I had kind of been stuck, and this is a good jumpstart.
3. My teeth stay cleaner. Yep, all that crunching and munching is keeping my pearly whites, white. I also bite my lips more often. Oh well.
4. Today I had the lowest AM reading I have ever had. Now I don't know if that is due to the wine or the veggies, but I bet they both are working together to get my numbers down.
5. I feel really full of energy. I am always hungry though. But I have not missed one day of exercise, getting out of bed is not such a chore.
6. I have learned how to sprout my beans. How cool is that!
7. I still love salads. I am thinking, however, that a soy and fruit smoothie is on the list of yummy's to enjoy.

This has been great. The first few days were the hardest, but I have a rythem now. This week will be the first one that I will be experimenting with some vegan recipies...so keep your eyes pealed for some of the ones that I end up liking. I am going to try to make my own Tahini and there is an all vegan lasagna that I will be trying. (I'm not too sure about that one) LOL

How have you guys been doing this week? Anybody have any news to share about things you did?

2008-08-09 16:58:10 -0500 Report


I haven't tried all veg diet yet, but I have a hint for you. You can drain your tofu and squeeze it really dry, then saute it in a lttle olive oil or soy sauce. It's really yummy and a good substitute for meat. Just fry until golden. You can even put it in salads!

Good luck,


GabbyPA 2008-08-10 08:36:59 -0500 Report

I have tried tofu and find it to be quite okay. I wouldn't want to eat it on a daily basis, but it has a good texture for many things. My mom swears by tofu crumbles, she says that they taste like meat.

Susan53 2008-09-06 13:47:53 -0500 Report

Hey Gabby, I`m a little new here but just had to tell you vegan lasagna is really good. I`ll bet even hubby will like it. By the way, he sounds like a gem, a real keeper. Good Luck and God Bless.

GabbyPA 2008-08-03 23:17:29 -0500 Report

I am finding it harder than I thought to do just raw. I make sure I am eating raw for at least two meals, but I too am finding that I prefer a hot meal. I was really stupid and made the best smelling pork last night and I had to take a taste. But that was it, and I ate my beans, veggies and sprouts for dinner. I did have a little juice from it on some rice, it was just too good. Check out the recipe section for "Crock Pot Prok" and "Roasted Carrots".
Back on track today though...tofu, bean salad and pineapple for breakfast.
I have noticed I tend to be more hungry, so I plan smaller but more frequent snacks, like a plumb or some nuts thru the day. But my numbers are good, so between this and the red wine, I am working my way down.
How are you guys doing? I have not heard from you how your first few days have gone. They are always the hardest, but if you push thru you will find a good routine.

patti 2008-08-04 19:05:49 -0500 Report

Hi Gaby doing good do far here is my breakfast drink called a green smoothie not sure of the numbers! need this to be ice cold to drink but its ok so far no cooked foods just salds fruits and veggies!
1/2 bunch kale
1 pear
1 bananaa
few sprigs of mint
1 cup of water

GabbyPA 2008-08-02 12:43:08 -0500 Report

Today was MUCH easier than yesterday at the trade show. I came up with a new recipe while munching on my breakfast and will share it as soon as I give it a try and calculate all the numbers on it.
Tonight we did a tofu quiche, a bean salad (both are posted in recipe section) and fresh pineapple with raw sugar and cinnamon sprinkeld on top. I enjoyed it, but it was a hard sell on my hubby. He really is a trooper to put up with my goofy experiments. He keeps saying that he wants to help me stay alive, so he lovinginly "trys" the new stuff. He had peanutbutter filled celery instead. LOL

Dancehawk 2008-08-01 02:32:26 -0500 Report

We eat tons of veggies little meat I tried tofu and cant eat it, but if fish is ok for the veggie thing i ll give it a go,


GabbyPA 2008-08-01 11:30:07 -0500 Report

Sure, join us! Comeradery is always welcome. Today was my first try, and being on the road at a trade show was HARD. I ate breakfast at home, good.
A "lunch" of almonds and walnuts (that I packed to take with me) was okay, but when i do that, my tummy complains. There was absolutely NOTHING I could even consume if I was not doing the veggie thing. Sheesh.
Dinner was at home. YEAH!! I even got to eat some of my lintel sprouts, they were very tastey, like a fresh pea. Tomorrow is shopping day, so now we get to put it all to the test. I am also experimenting with tofu tomorrow, so we will see.

GabbyPA 2008-07-31 22:50:26 -0500 Report

I have sprouts! In just two days, my lintels have sprouted. By the end of today, they should be ready to test. I will see how I can do with dried sprouted beans for dinner. Well, that plus some other yummy stuff.

GabbyPA 2008-07-30 13:15:06 -0500 Report

I started soaking my beans, so I can have sprouts. I have a little row of glasses full of black eye peas, lintles, and flax seed. I am thinking I should start in September, as there is so much preperation in this. It is kind of cool, now I need to find some radish, alfalfa and other sprouting seeds. Do any of you know if raw seeds that are not in shells will sprout? I have some raw sunflower seeds but they are naked.

Elfin 2008-07-30 23:59:41 -0500 Report

Naked seeds, now that brings up strange visions…LOL. You can buy seeds for sprouting at most health food stores. I'd be mighty careful about buying seed packets from garden stores, as they are often treated with who knows what chemicals. Sprouting might be easier with a seed sprouter, which is essentially a jar with some type of screen…metal or loosely woven fabric held in place by a canning jar ring. Then when you rinse the seeds, you can drain them easily without losing seeds. Sprouted radish seeds have a lot of zip ;-) Sprouts are fragile, so don't make too many at one time. Have at them veggies LOL meats are expensive!

Barb Silcott
Barb Silcott 2008-08-09 23:50:38 -0500 Report

Ohhh, are you in for a treat sprouting flax seeds! I made that mistake only once, when I was sprouting seeds for my parrots. The flax seeds didn't just sprout, they surrounded them with a hideous glutenous glob of jelly-looking stuff. I heard from other people who had done the same thing with the same result. Yukky!

GabbyPA 2008-08-10 08:34:52 -0500 Report

YEP! you are right. If I wanted jello, I would make jello. Sprouting fax is really gross...they do sprout, but they are icky. Live and learn. LOL...I think I will see how they do for a butter, like tahini. I will let you know how that goes.

morris.js 2008-07-30 07:55:11 -0500 Report

Gabby, I love my raw vegetable salads, and eat them for all of my meals, (yes, even breakfast), whenever I can get them at a reasonable cost or out of my garden. My son was a vegetarian for about a year, and I ate pretty much what he ate because it was esier than making 2 different meals each time…LOL
But you would have to forgive me if I join you as I need some of the harder cheeses added to my salads. I need to do so for the variety it adds. Esp. when you eat as many salads as I do…hee hee Also, I would have to steam my broccoli and things like that.
Of course you know that means giving up a piece of birthday cake on my birthday too…LOL

GabbyPA 2008-07-30 08:31:56 -0500 Report

Oh, that is not right. You earned that slice of cake!
I am just really looking for folks who are willing to try something with me. I know I will do better if there are others who are supporting the effort. Anything you want to do to join in is great by me.

GabbyPA 2008-07-29 23:28:08 -0500 Report

I was looking at RAW diets and wow, it is a lot of work. Sprout your beans, soak your nuts, dehydrate your nuts again...I will give it a wack and see. There are typically no meats, eggs, dairy or processed foods. I am not going to slap you on the hand if you eat anything like that. It is a drastic change. That is why I figured I would try it for 30 days. Find out what I like, what is a pain, and what is worth keeping in my meal plans. As I use recipies, I will post them here, so everyone can try them. Even if you just try it once a week, it should be a great experiment.
I am not so sure I can deal with all cold all the time, but that is why I am also doing it in the summer, it is much easier to get into a cold meal.
You can heat it up, but they say not warmer than 115 degrees so if you have a food thermometer (for the purests) you can keep track of it that way. The neutrients are supposed to be richer the less it is heated.
A new Adventure. Patti, you and I will have to pow-wow too and tell eachother what works best.

DonnaAnn 2008-07-31 07:30:50 -0500 Report

can I do this with you also? I would love to try it.

GabbyPA 2008-07-31 12:48:40 -0500 Report

Please, the more the merrier. I know we will learn many things from each other and if we keep posting our ups and downs, it will be a great experience. I am doing it in the Red Wine discussion and it is kind of revealing. I am learning a lot more than what kind of wine helps. I am finding trigger and trouble foods, so now I am more aware. This should do something similar.

DonnaAnn 2008-07-29 21:07:18 -0500 Report

I have not seen this, and will look at it, but I would love to try it! I will look at the video to see if eggs and fruits are allowed also. but, I am game!

butterfly_8 2008-07-29 15:51:21 -0500 Report

I eat no red meat only fis and chicken. I would love to join you but I cannot manage without hot food.I have to at least steam my veggies. I once did a 21 day juice fast with only fresh squeezed juices and I felt like a newborn. It should be facinating. Good luck. I will be rooting for you every step of the way.You will be a skinny,minney.lol

GabbyPA 2008-07-30 07:47:46 -0500 Report

Thanks for "rooting" for us...was that a pun? LOL
Kudos to your for a juice diet. THAT would make me nuts. I love crunchy stuff, and drinking a meal just seems, well, eewww. At least to drink all of them.
You said it made you feel like a newborn. What was better? What do you still do from that 21 days? Did you keep any favorite juice that you could share with us?

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-07-29 14:32:03 -0500 Report

Hey Gabby,
I eat mostly vegetarian now, only have meat once a week or so but a raw diet would drive me nuts!! I need hot food at least once a day. Let me know how it goes for you though. I will be at my son's in October for 17 days and they are all vegetarians there. Not vegans though, they like milk and cheese (a good ol Wisconsin boy living in CA… lol)
*Judy (JP)

DiabetesDiva 2008-07-31 04:34:14 -0500 Report

My niece has always been a very healthy eater. She married a good ole boy from Missouri. For the wedding reception meal, she wanted fish and chicken. Her husband told her "We're from the Midwest and we need beef". So the fish was traded for prime rib. As a joke I gave him gift certificates for KFC and she hid them!


DiabetesDiva 2008-07-29 13:40:15 -0500 Report

I actually was a vegetarian for 3 years and still don't eat much meat. I like my veggies raw in salad, deep fried or hidden in a casserole! I do love steamed artichokes, corn and asparagus. The raw thing is not for me, but let me know how it works for you. I do LOVE fresh fruit and have a passion for Mangos.