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Hi my name is Stephanie and I was diagnosed with what they thought was type 2 diabetes and Narcolepscy when i was 15 yrs old, Yeah i'm all retarded. Well you know being a teenager I knew more than everybody else so I never really took it serious. I would have passing out spells and seizures. After fifteen years all the sudden no more sugar, yeah right! Any ways last August I went to the doctor and my A1C was 12.5. I was having headaches all the time and rarely felt well at all, So my doctor decides to put me on insulin along with Gluccotrol XL which I was already taking. I imediatly gained 20 pounds that was great, not. I have just now really started trying to change my way of life, it is so hard. They say exercise, eat better, eat less, test more, count carbs. I am so confused. My first doctor put me on nolin r sliding scale after meals and 80 units of lantus at night. There was still no change in my A1C. I decided to see a specialist which cost me a butt load of money, but it was worth it. He changed me to Novolg flexpen 12 units before meals and 50 lantus at night he said it was like I was chasing my sugars before, instead of covering my meals, which made sense. I guess I am just having trouble with the diet. It's hard to stay level and all the healthy foods are so much more exspensive than regular stuff. Also I have to make my self eat sometimes. I guess if someone could give me some good examples of some diets that would be great.

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JaredLahti 2008-08-31 02:45:38 -0500 Report

I would say get a dietician that you trust and can talk to. My dietician has been really helpful and is teaching me so much about eating and eating healthy. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about two months ago so I am just getting used to changing the way I eat and getting back into shape. good luck.

Elfin 2008-08-07 12:01:49 -0500 Report

Stephanie, you might want to contact member Toma. He has a wealth of information on diet. It seems overwhelming at first, but you will come to terms with your diabetes. No one promises us a rose garden, but with help, love and support of your friends here, it will get better…maybe pansies instead of roses LOL. Try to keep a positive attitude as you learn…and then laugh and love yourself every day.

noel7 2008-08-07 06:48:36 -0500 Report

First try to bring down your A1C, stay active.lot`s of water with lemon,before a meal.Once your A1C is down if you treat yourself to something take a walk ,burn it out.Check your sugar level before you eat. If it`s too high eat something that`s no sugar and carbs with plenty of water.

morris.js 2008-08-06 22:44:59 -0500 Report

Stephanie, I am sooo glad to hear you are now taking this seriously. I am a single parent of a 16 year old son. Back in October of 2003, I was found to have some pretty serious heart problems, and was told by my doctors to go home and die within 6 months or stay in the hospital and have open heart surgery. Needless to say, I stayed and had it done. The point is, the Diabetes had completely masked any and all symptoms that I was having any problems. Even with all the testing, it came down to actualy doing a catherization before they found the trouble. I was not sick, did not have any pains, and all tests showed no problems…all due to the Diabetes hiding it. At least that is what all the cardiologists told me.
My son was 11 back then, and he would of wound up in a foster home if I did not start getting serious about my health and the Diabetes.
Please continue to take your health issues seriously. My life is much more rewarding now that I do take care of myself. Yours will be also.
All my best, John

LoriJ 2008-08-04 08:22:59 -0500 Report

This is the best place to be when it comes to understanding where you're at. Lots of excellent advice & friends too!

Dancehawk 2008-08-01 03:15:42 -0500 Report

Ok sweety your at the right site, folks here are really good suport and full of information.
To get you started, get out a paper plate that has the portion areas, the big one is for your veggies, smallest your carbs and the other small is your meat. the food should not touch the sides, thats how I started out.
Rule of thumb cheese portion is like the size of your thumb, meat the palm of your hand thin and lean cut, chicken and fish are best for us. potatos you can make a small baked but need to work it into your meal.
also go to sign up its free and a sister site to here, down load the book, it will teach you about inflamitory foods and anti, how they effect us and teach you about healthy eating.
Great book, really helps you drop numbers and get sugar under control plus get off meds.
drink a gallon of water a day, cut out all junk food plus sugar, there are so many sugar free treats out there and things you can have you ll never miss the junk.
2 servings of fruit make them small fruit.
switch from white rice to brown or wild, and remember processed flour is a posion to you, either get whole wheat or a bullet grinder and make your own fresh wheat,
It takes time to get the menu down.
But there is a great area here with reciepies and diabetic secrets has one too.

Start out walking every day and keep adding to it.
Youll notice your loosing weight and you ll start feeling great.
plus you have a huge family of friends here so add us to freinds and know we all are here.


ssmile 2008-08-04 04:50:48 -0500 Report

Thank You so much for your input it really helps. Joining this site and tu diabetes site has made me feel a little better already, knowing there are other people blessed with our gift. I mean I always new there were others and also worse off than me but it is just nice to hear from so many different perspectives. Helps me to get out of my little pity pool. Thanks again about the info the plate thing is an eat way to look at it. I'll have to try it out.

Stephanie ;)

DiabetesDiva 2008-08-04 06:12:52 -0500 Report

Living with diabetes will come to you step by step. It's all so overwhelming at first. Like most of us, I have relapses, especially when feeling stressed. I ate 6 small homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner last night. Not good. But I did make them with Splenda mix and light butter!

Today I'm back on track, and that's how it works for me.

How are you doing this week?


DiabetesDiva 2008-07-30 09:23:06 -0500 Report

Hey Steph-

The good news is you have a diagnosis for the not feeling well. I have had type 2 for just over a year. When my doc told me the news I immediately burst into tears. It's a sometimes difficult road with conflicting info and opinions, but you will find what works best for you.

I have a T-shirt that says "I'm making sugar my Bitch".
It makes me laugh and reminds me I'm the one in control.

This is a great place for support & encouragement or just venting.


ssmile 2008-07-30 09:35:15 -0500 Report

Thanks for your input, I just hate feeling like crap all the time. I do seem to feel some what better when I eat a balanced meal. It's just hard to make sure every meal is that way.

Stephanie ;)

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-07-30 08:58:16 -0500 Report

First, welcome to the site.

Second, congratulations on taking your health seriously and wanting to change things for the better.

As for advice, I think the first and most important thing is to test your blood sugar. Test before every meal, before bed, and two hours after one of your meals each day.

The before meal testing will help you see if your Lantus dose is correct. The after meal test will help you see if your scale or ratio of Novolog to carbohydrates is right (and also if you're properly counting your carbs).

And finally, read food labels like crazy. Make sure you give Novolog to cover the carbs you eat. Avoid eating empty sugar calories. Try to get your carbs from whole grains and fresh fruits. Eat more lean proteins (like chicken and fish). And avoid high-fat junk food.

ssmile 2008-07-30 09:33:28 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info, I just have to keep at it I guess one day at a time.
Stephanie ;)

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-07-30 09:51:52 -0500 Report

The best thing I can tell you about it is that eventually it does become second nature. It can seem so overwhelming at first. But there will be a day when it will just seem completely natural.

Hang in there :-)

just4us3 2008-08-06 18:47:45 -0500 Report

I agree. my blood sugars were irratic for the first 4 years then stabilized , There is so much testing to do to get you to the right dosed and place. Kinda hit and miss at first, but gets easier as you start to know how your body reacts.

Babs341 2008-07-29 08:42:00 -0500 Report

Hiya :)

Wow, sounds like you have been on Monster Roller Coster there. Hang in there, and never give up.

I'm type 2 - I'm on glizide & Metformin, w/ a controled "carb" diet. If I "really - truley" stick w/ it I'm good. Staying "true" to my diet is key for me or my BS goes up. I didn't know that when my BS goes up, it was causing me to turn into the Wicked With!.. I think what makes this all seem so hard is because we seem to have to work so hard to control everything we do - down to breating air sometimes. Which makes this all so overwelming. And then there are those days you just want to yell, throw a temper tantrum & throw all you diabetes stuff out in the street & have a very large truck run over it (lol).. yep I get that way about 9-10 times a month.

Having family members & friends around that "really" understand what you "HAVE" to do to keep yourself better makes a huge difference, even if they are the ones who need to be taught on what diabetes is & what you have to do.

As for my eatting, I can only have 45 carbs per meal - learning how to count them was so hard.. what I could & couldn't have. Out of 10 food items I was allowed maybe 1/2 of 1. Getting your meds under control is I think the main thing to work on.. then my food intake. Some foods will make you BS go up higher than normal - but learning what portion to have does take time.

Yesterday was my 1 yr anniv of becoming a Type 2. But still learning my limits seems like "yesterday" for me.

Taking your favorite foods & learning how to redo them into healthy can be done even if you have to adjust what's in them or how to prepare the foods. For me the hardest was because I'm such a pickie eater.. I don't like any fish or seafood - so that is a hugh boundry on alot of food dishes for me. Keeping track of all of this can be overwhelming, but it will get easier the longer you do this.

The Food Network has alot of recipes that are low carb, etc.. Also Rachel Ray's website, & I know that there are so many more - & when I can I will send out a message to all on some web sites that have recipes. And I know that many folks here on this site will send you lots of info when they can.

Good Luck in all you do!! Hang Tuff Girl!! You can do it.


Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2008-07-29 08:15:50 -0500 Report

Stehanie, are you type 2 or type 1? My son is type 1. He continues to have high A1C. But he can eat anything he wants, as long as he takes a shot for his food. If you are type 2, I would eat low fat meals..Salads, grilled chicken,fish.things like that. I hope this helps a little.
Bless you!