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While viewing AMC's renditions of the "Godfather" sagas this evening, I noticed some ads for the Accu-chek Aviva and some tools now available - maybe with the meters now, but also available via the website.

Included in the offering is a prescription card that should allow some people to reduce the amount they pay for their test strips. As far as I can tell it could possibly benefit me in that I may end up paying just $15.00 for test strips! That'd be awesome since I pay about $55.00 per 100 strips now, WITH my insurance! I would think that there are other people here who might benefit from this prescription card as well.

I haven't completely explored the site yet, but have already signed up for the tool kit and prescription card and will happily report on what I get in the mail…but it appears that many of the tools at the site are accessible by anyone who needs them, and may be useful for those of us still needing/gathering information on how to deal with diabetes.

Anyway, whoever wants to can check this stuff out at:

Hope it's helpful!

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Zimoss 2010-03-09 13:31:53 -0600 Report

I have gotten the new saving program card and it is a co-insurance… so it will lower your co-pay to $15, but must be used with insurance. (I think the max saving are $55 off your co-pay)
Works well for me since Accu-chek is "tier 3" and costs $60/month

Roy531 2010-03-07 08:05:15 -0600 Report

Accu-Chek is all I have ever used, got my first one from my insurance, they said it was the best, my second meter got an Aviva from a Accu-Chek rep. at our support group meeting, she wanted to know who check there blood the most and apparently that was me at the time check mine about 6 times a day so she gave me a meter and 200 test stripes. Couldn't say no to that. I also vist their web site daily, they have a program where you can log your numbers and it will graph it and everything.

imsuzie2 2010-03-07 07:30:30 -0600 Report

I have the Accu-Chek Compact Plus, and will add my 2cents…their customer service is awesome. Each rep I have spoken to in the past has been a diabetic, so they know what we are going thru, and what ever I seem to have a question on, they send a sample or supply of. Roche Diagnostics. I will look into it even tho my test strips are covered, a $10 co-pay this last time (think it was $15 last time). If I lose my job, I would need it!

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