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I have no insurance and I need to get test strips for
my one touch ultra. Where is the cheapest place to
get the test strips

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cavie2 2011-05-16 17:54:19 -0500 Report

I don't know if anyone would be interested or not but here goes, coming from the UK I do not pay for any medication strips, lancets, insulin it is all provided free through our NHS (national health system) I have had two metes in the past 11 months the first one broke. It was a Glucomen meter my brother gave me test strips and lancets for that meter and it broke before I had a chance to use them. I have 3 full boxes of (100) Glucome lancets (fine) 0.45m/26 guage and one box containing (83) lancets that's a total of (383) the date on the packets are 6/13/08. Also have a full sealed pack of Glucomen visio testing strips (pack of 50) dated 6/25/08. They are not like medication that has an end date. If anyone has a Glucomen meter they are more than welcome to them I will even pay the postage to send them to the US. First come First served. Hope people don't mind me putting this on the site, only want to help. lol

mattamos 2011-01-08 11:22:47 -0600 Report

okay i was looking a the disscution board and a lot of people don't have insurance and need test supplies. heres what i did.
first go to the website of the maker of you meter. many of them have a patient assistance program. these programs allow you to get free supplies if you qualify. and NOT HAVING INSURANCE HELPS YOU QUALIFY. everything from insulin meters and test strips. i know abbott has one and i love lilly cares. any rate download the pattient assistance form. YOU WILL need a doctor to fill part of it out. but in 6 to 8 weeks you should get your meds free. also and this is a pain call your local dhs dept. [department of human survices] and ask if they have free on low cost clinics that can help you . also ask if they have a program to get free meds in your county. these places fill out forms gett your meds and call you when there in. also while on the website for the pham companys ckeck for coupons or rebates to help take the sting out of meds you do buy. there is also discount cards for use at pharmacys. i hope this helps some one when i was diagnoses it was scary. these things due take work but using them i have not had to buy supplies for diebetes for 2 years.

Roy531 2010-03-06 09:15:29 -0600 Report

If you go to accu-chek.com click on contact us then patient assistance program they give a list of free clinics that might be able to help you


I know this is not your meter type but the clinic might have what you need

rankearl 2010-03-05 09:14:03 -0600 Report

look for a clinic in your area thry have given me all my meds and they also filled out paperwork and got me my insulin from lilly i hope the health care reform reaches out to people with chronic condtions until they can get permant help thanks for the info roy it took me and my reading glases too look thru all that peole should take into account when you have to pay out of pocket for medical suplies you have to cut back on using them as freq as you would like ((HUGS)) julie

Roy531 2010-03-05 07:57:28 -0600 Report

Fond this information on needymeds.com hope it helps

Program Name Summary Areas of Service
Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation - Diabetes Care Patient Assistance Program This program provides Abbott diabetes care products at no cost to patients experiencing financial difficulties. National
ACCU-CHEK Patient Assistance Program This program supplies ACCU-CHEK Aviva test strips to patients through a network of community clinics. National
Alaska Chronic & Acute Medical Assistance (CAMA) Program This program will assist Alaska residents who are low income and uninsured/underinsured with specific illnesses to get the medical care and prescriptions that they need. Alaska
BD Insulin Syringe Assist Program Assistance program for people who use BD Ultra-Fine insulin syringes National
Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc This program provides free testing supplies to diabetes in need. National
Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland/Lend Each Other A Helping Hand (LEAH) Program This program provides a 30 day supply of strips, lancets, and syringes to diabetes who are residents of the service area. Greater Cleveland and Youngstown
Diabetes Association Of St. Joseph County This program provides financial assistance to help defray the costs of medication and medical supplies to residents of St. Joseph County who have diabetes and meet income qualifications. St. Joseph County, Indiana
Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, Inc The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi provides free emergency assistance with diabetes-related medicines and testing supplies to uninsured/underinsured Mississippians. Mississippi
Diabetes Foundation, Inc- Medical Assistance Program This foundation provides short-term assistance in paying for diabetes medications or supplies to residents of New Jersey who are in financial hardship. New Jersey
Diabetic Eye Disease Detection Program This program provides diabetic eye disease screenings and medical referrals for corrective or preventive eye services for individuals with diabetes. New Jersey
Eye Care America Diabetes EyeCare Program The Diabetes EyeCare Program promotes annual, dilated eye exams for people with diabetes. National
IPump.org This program assists qualifying children up to age 20 with assistance in purchasing their first insulin pump. Adults are not presently covered. National
IPump.org- Insulin Monthly Assistance Program This program provides assistance to qualifying individuals to help cover the cost of diabetes care for one to three months. National
Ohio Department of Health/Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) These are four programs that will find and help pay for medical services for children under 21 who are residents of Ohio and have a Medical Handicap. Ohio
Patient Advocate Foundation This program helps people with any chronic or life threatening disease with insurance access issues, medical debt, co-payments and cost of living crisis due to illness. National
Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) Co-Pay Relief Program This program provides direct financial support for co-payments to insured patients, including Medicare Part D beneficiaries, who must financially and medically qualify to access pharmaceutical co-payment assistance. National
Wyoming Children's Special Health This is a program that provides financial assistance to families with children who have special health care needs in Wyoming. Wyoming
Xubex Free Diabetes Kit & Supplies This program provides free diabetic supplies to those who qualify. National

Didn't look this bad on the site

greeneyedghost 2010-03-05 08:14:09 -0600 Report

LOL know what u mean.. pasting it seems to look like OMGosh and looks intimidating… BUT thank you for this info.It has sparked some areas with me and how I will try to use this info. Nicki

Deborah L
Deborah L 2010-03-05 08:30:47 -0600 Report

I just got my paper work from the Patient Advocate Foundation. I applied over the phone and got a preliminary approval. Then they sent me paperwork to finish filling out for final approval. You do have to have a doctor fill in a separate PAF form. I applied for another medical condition that has more expensive copays than diabetes. I have medicare but this foundation will pay my copays for medications, treatments, and doctor visits.

I also have a company that owns our local hospital who pays all copays for my medical "supplies" not including medications. That includes test meters, lancets, and strips and also supplies for my home O2, walkers, shower chairs and whatever else I need. Check with a nearby hospital or health department and see if they have a program, referral, or afilliated company. You might qualify for Medicaid in your state.

From the PAF website at http://www.copays.org/

"Patient Advocate Foundation's Co-Pay Relief (CPR)
The CPR program provides co-payment assistance to insured Americans (including Medicare Part D) who financially and medically qualify."

Since you're not insured, try this and let them know in case they can refer you to the kind of financial help you need. They only cover copay but it's worth a try.

"The program also offers personal service to all patients through the use of call counselors who personally guide patients through the enrollment process. You may reach the CPR team by calling 1-866-512-3861."

Hopefull you can afford to pay out of pocket for a doctor to get a prescription if you don't already have one, Then call the manufacturer for help. Get the doctor to mark as many refills as possible. Every program I've seen requires and qualifies by financial need and doctor's prescription only.

There are alot of resources out there but you have to search, wade through the systems, and don't give up. I hope you find someone to help. Maybe calling the ADA will get a referral.I hate the thought of any diabetic not getting what they need to take care of themselves. Please let us know how it turns out. There's probably more friends on here in the same boat who can use the info too. Good luck.

greeneyedghost 2010-03-05 07:45:10 -0600 Report

Sometimes you can contact the company that makes your meter and explain your situation and may be able to get some freebies and some of these companies have programs to help out those of us with no insurance. Hope this helps, as well as what the others have said. Nicki

Sweet tea
Sweet tea 2010-03-04 20:44:21 -0600 Report

try Walmart but they are all high you can also ask your health care provider for test strips they should have some in there office. Hope this help

Danni-the-diabetic 2010-03-04 17:39:06 -0600 Report

I use One Touch Ultra 2. I am stocked on test strips that were given to me by my friends father who had the supply but different meter.
Anywho, if you look on your page and go under care services and Diabetic Supplies, you will see that Diabetic Connection sells strips and other devices much cheaper than you will find in stores.
I don't have any insurance either, so after I run out of strips I plan on checking that out.
Good luck!

Kirla 2010-03-04 16:55:50 -0600 Report

I used the reli-on meter from Wal-Mart. The strips cost 20 dollars for a box of 50. The meter itself cost 9-10 dollars.