Can we move forward from here ?

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Anne56 2010-03-03 20:25:01 -0600 Report

Hi, Mays. I am not too sure what's gone on, but I do have a comment on this post. What I am "about" is this: mutual support among my peers (in whatever context "peers" is defined). This is the foundation of the community that I create for myself. I do not enjoy relationships that have a perceived hierarchy or a component of one-sided sharing/giving. The concept of all of us sharing — giving AND receiving — is highly important to me.

There are many (many!) resources available to me for information on diabetes. I choose to be a member of this community for the reciprocity among other members in whose eyes I am an equal.

The vision I have is of all of us here walking side by side. I don't have a vision of someone on a soap box speaking to us — regardless of their wanting to help.

Obviously, this is MY personal opinion. I can not, would not, and do not speak for any other person in this response. I mean no offense to you whatsoever.

There are a great many opportunities to offer assistance to others, financial and otherwise, without reciprocity (though, greater minds than mine can effectively argue that there is ALWAYS a gain by the giver). I am only referring to my own participation on this particular site.


MAYS 2010-03-03 22:12:32 -0600 Report

Your comment is very well understood and accepted.
An extended hand in times of need should at least be considered before rejected.
(Soapbox preaching, politics and philosophy has never interested me)

Anne56 2010-03-03 23:28:20 -0600 Report

For me, it is important to have a support system in place for those inevitable times of need. (When I was diagnosed as having diabetes, I was referred to this site by someone who presented this additional support to me.)

I don't reject you or your information, btw. I am leery, though, of people who seem to seek opportunities to help others without an understanding of what they might (and do) gain from those they wish to help. It seems to discount the value of the "helpees". Think of an individual who asks for help. That simple act is a sharing of self. At times, it is a courageous and intimate act.