DKA : Many have it, few know it

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis

DKA does not always turn out successful but if you get treated at the first signs you are better on your way to feel better and being healthier.

DKA is very much life-threatening and should never be taken lightly. Sometimes those who have recently shown symptoms of Diabetes will be diagnosed with DKA within the hospital and of course those who have not been taken their insulin who are diabetic’s will be diagnosed with DKA also.

Back in time, DKA killed a numerous amount of people because insulin injections were not yet heard of. So now that we have the technology and medication DKA can be treated successfully allowing fuller healthier lives. DKA is measured through blood pH levels; a level that measures below 6.7 is said to be diametrically opposed with life.

Exams and tests that will be given to check for DKA consist of blood sugar tests, which can also check for potassium, sodium and other electrolytes. Some other tests check for keytone levels and the functioning of your kidney, also a blood gas which well tell the doctors what your ph level is at. Sometimes if your condition is not too bad doctors will want to check to see what may have brought on the DKA symptoms. This calls for an ECG, a chest x-ray, a cat scan of the brain and a urine analysis.

People who have developed Ketoacidness should be hospitalized because it is not a minor thing. Those who have DKA have been said to bare a smell coming from their mouths. Either of nail polish remover, paint thinner or even the smell of fruit.

Some symptoms that occur with having DKA are feeling sluggish or being overly tired. Having extreme thirst even though you are drinking rapidly, a need to urinate more often, extreme amounts of weightless, sometimes oral thrush will be visible (which is white yeast along the inside of the mouth.) You may also find that you are having more and more yeast infections, almost continually. There will be signs of muscle wasting, since muscles are a sign of protein and DKA starts to break down proteins then you will experience loss of muscle. Those who have DKA will notice or be noticed with more moodier personality, sometimes they will feel irritated or agitated, become aggressive or even feel themselves confused or be confusing to those who are around them.

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