Thinking About Diabetes With Every Bite

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Eat to live (or) Live to eat ?

How do you view food ?

Is it a life sustaining source of energy, much needed fuel, necessary for your survival, or is it a mouth watering, tasty object that must be consumed as a way to reward yourself, and your tastebuds just for the sake of being happy and able to do so ?

To live with Type 1 diabetes means to be aware, constantly aware, of insulin — a hormone produced in the pancreas that unlocks your cells so they can use the energy in your food, which circulates in your blood as glucose. A healthy person’s pancreas pumps out insulin in exact, perfect doses, masterfully managing the level of available glucose so that it never rises too high, which could lead to complications, or too low, which could kill you on the spot.

My pancreas, however, doesn’t make insulin. It can’t. For reasons no one can fully explain, my own immune system killed off the cells that produce it. That’s what Type 1 diabetes is — an autoimmune disease in which your body turns against itself. It’s frequently confused with the more prevalent form of diabetes, known as Type 2, but the diseases are not the same. Unlike Type 2, Type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented or managed with diet, exercise or oral medications. Instead, it requires artificial insulin — through injections, not pills — to stay alive. Before insulin was discovered in 1922, Type 1 diabetes was a terminal disease.

" The best I can do in the meantime is to control my disease without allowing it to control me, and to not let the autoimmune attack on my pancreas develop into an emotional attack on myself. "

Catherine Price ( freelance author of this article )

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Danni-the-diabetic 2010-03-02 20:57:58 -0600 Report

Live to eat or eat to live? I heard that question before somewhere and I will ask myself that question when I feel the compulsion to snack when I am not hungry. Well, I ask that and also ask myself if I am really hungry or just bored.

theladyiscrazy 2010-03-02 13:28:13 -0600 Report

I think as diabetics we have to "eat to live". Now, it was probably more of the "live to eat" (although I didn't eat as much as most would think) that got me to where I am now (diabetic). I feel the "live to eat" is more on the line of poor food choices. I love certain foods that were not good for me. Now I have to change my views.

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