Attention all Diabetics ... You are Human !

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When you feel the pinch of pricking yourself,
When you feel the highs and lows of your glucose rising and falling,
When you feel the pain or tingling sensation of neuropathy, or when you feel depressed for no understandable reason, you are reminded of it.

You are human !

No matter how you may feel about diabetes or about yourself because you have have diabetes, you are still human, nothing changed about you to state so otherwise.

No third eye in the middle of your forehead, no extra arms or legs, no super powers or super human strength, just the realization that you must now do manually, what was once (or should have been) automatic.

We help others, now we must help ourselves.

Our bodies are sending out distress signals, an s.o.s. that only you can answer, no life boats, life savers or life jackets, just action on your behalf.
You are your very own rescue ship, how you survive will depend on how fast you arrive and what knowledge of proper rescue procedures that you bring with you.

Diabetes is your affliction, how much do you know about it and it's complications ?

How much are you willing to learn ?
How much are you going to do in order to survive ?

How much are you willing to teach others that may help or save someone else's life, if not your very own ?

Are you living within the boundaries of myths and old wives tales (no insults implied or given),

Or are you willing to base your lifestyle and plan of survival based on proven medical knowledge ?

You are a diabetic, accept it, you have no other choice except denial, but even with denial in place, you will come around to acceptance sooner or later.

The cruise control and autopilot of life have been disengaged and you are now in the drivers seat, controling a little more of your life than ever before.
The scenery and view are still the same, you may just appreciate the beauty of life a little more now than ever before.

Being a diabetic doesn't make you a monster, it reminds us that we are human !

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Danni-the-diabetic 2010-03-01 20:01:40 -0600 Report

Hmm, when I got diagnosed I got the ability to set things on fire with my eyes and flying…I thought that was normal :) LOL. Anywho, thanks for the information again :)

theladyiscrazy 2010-03-01 18:13:53 -0600 Report

Thanks Mays for post like these. They help lift my spirit.

MAYS 2010-03-01 18:18:20 -0600 Report

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.
Most importantly, please take care of yourself and manage your diabetes, life is precious and special.
Cherish and enjoy it !
" Mays "