Waking Up with Diabetes

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What is the best thing about having Diabetes ?

The understanding of one's self !

It's a lesson that you must take and cannot fail.
Failure to pass this course means failure at life, period.

What you must learn is what we, as humans running on "Auto Pilot," tend to take for granted, the behind the scenes, under the cover, automatic activity of our Endocrine System.

Now comes the refresher course, courtesy of Diabetes.


Now we get to know ourselves, biologically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Appreciate the knowledge gained on all fronts, communicate with and understand yourself, look at life as a blessing and Diabetes as a gift, we don't always get the gift that we want, but it's a gift nonetheless, but you cannot return this one, pack it up, put it away or share it !


So we should try to get to know ourselves, understand diabetes and it's complications and enjoy life, after all, a life with diabetes, even with all of it's complications and complexities, is better than no life at all.

At least in my opinion.
( Mays )

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Anne56 2010-02-28 11:41:21 -0600 Report

Dear Mays,

I took very good (extremely good) care of myself while I was pregnant with my daughters. Gratefully, I embraced the sense of sharing my body with someone else, someone I loved and cared about far more than myself. My husband and I took excellent care of our little ones, learning good nutrition and modeling good behavior. When they left our home in their early 20's, I reverted to poor eating habits, etc. My husband resisted and did better than I. Over the years, I have held two demanding, hectic jobs that had me doing all-nighters and stretching myself to the absolute limits. I was hospitalized on occasion for exhaustion. Nothing seemed to get through to me, despite folks trying…they made good sense. I could not quite figure out what felt like "something being wrong with me" — reflected in the ways I didn't care about myself. Two years ago, my doctor said that he didn't want to be my doctor anymore. I would only see him during some kind of crisis, and I would not follow up on the blood work and x-rays that he would order. He said that he didn't feel that he and I were partners. When I wound up in the hospital this past December and rec'd the diagnosis of diabetes, our youngest told me that she was glad — through tears, mind you. She was glad that I had Something that REQUIRED me to take better care of myself. She said, "This will save your life, IF you're smart". She bought two books for me, and they are awesome. (She first spent hours at the book store!) Our other daughter is all about shopping and having Good Stuff on hand — with recipes to make one salivate! My husband gives me my bedtime shot each night. It has him feeling that he is a part of my care, but he made it clear early on that I MUST take "this" seriously. The support is amazing.

I am learning to care about myself in ways I never have before. You're right; it encompasses Everything about me. I feel better than I have in several years because of the effort. I said many times in the beginning that this just is NOT the disease for me! The responsibility is fully on my two shoulders, and to succeed, I really must care. Its hard, but less so as time goes on.

I apologize for such a long post, and I thank you for reading. Your discussion topic truly hit the nail on the head — my head anyway. This time in my life genuinely is a gift…I simply need to accept it as such. You make great sense to me, Mays, and I appreciate the dialogue. I have seldom achieved anything worthwhile without the support and understanding of others. I'm certainly smart enough to know that!

Thanks for a thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion.

Warm regards,

MAYS 2010-02-28 12:13:16 -0600 Report

Then length of the reply is not as important as the message.
Thank you for commenting, I appreciate the reply, life is precious and so are the experiences learned while living it.
If you can help others with your words or deeds please do so, share your love and experiences with others and most importantly, don't ever stop living and enjoying your life, it's a gift, cherish it !
" Mays "