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How much are the herbs and supplements compared to presciption meds? Health insurance won't pay for herbs and supplements.

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Anonymous 2008-07-31 05:29:46 -0500 Report

I take around 35 pills a day. My sugars run high. What supplements do I need to use? I would appreciate it.

GabbyPA 2008-07-31 13:02:05 -0500 Report

I am not a doctor, and I cannot say what will help you because we are all so very different. I will tell you the things that seem to be working for me.
Things that seem to stabelize my BG numbers:
Cinnamon 3000mg
Cider Vinegar 3-4 Table spoons a day mixed with water
Bitter Melon (pill, tea is gross) 50mg
Bilberry 50mg
What helps me most is a supplement pack that is made specifically for diabetics. It is a good place to start. It is made by Natures Bounty and comes with a 30 day supply. I get it at Walgreens when they have buy one get one free it is the best deal.
I also get one that is a Glucose support from the health food store. This one has more herbs in it. It is more $$ but I can tell when I am not taking it.
What I did was read up on herbs and supplements here and on other sites. I chose ones that I felt would work for me and kept looking until I found one.
They don't work overnight, and they are slower than meds. But I prefer using them over medicine if I can.

Dancehawk 2008-08-01 02:59:33 -0500 Report

hun we have a great person here who has a sister site to this one, he has taken the time to break things down for us that are really helpful, ones that read his book which is down loaded are having great results and getting off meds.


he is type 2 too.
you ll see your numbers drop, also add Vit D, omega 3, calcium and magnesium to your diet.
Cinnamon to everything you can add it too.
Give it a shot.


GabbyPA 2008-07-31 00:19:46 -0500 Report

Actually there are some insurance plans that will cover supplements, so if you are able, you might want to shop around or ask your insurance company about it.

If you are getting your meds for a co-pay, then they are probably less expensive in the long run. However, as my Doctor once told me, "Often, medicines are just a poision we put in our bodies that sometimes are worse than the disease they are treating.". He was referring to statins that we had tried for my husbands cholesterol, but I pretty much think it is true accross the board.
I spend about $40 a month on vitamins, herbs and aloe juice. I take vinegar also, and that is a cheap, cheap helper.
I know that I need meds to get my levels to a normal range, and they usually do produce a quicker effect. But if I can treat my diabetes with supplements, healthy eating habits and sound exercise goals, then I would choose that over meds to reduce complications that come from build up of medicinal toxins in our liver and tissues.
Even too high a dose of vitimins and herbs can create a build up in our liver too, so take only what is recommended. I found that by taking two diabetic supplement types, I could eliminate nearly all of my separate vitamins, and that saved me money and time. (now I don't have to take a billion capsules in the morning. LOL)

butterfly_8 2008-07-28 03:46:44 -0500 Report

there ae some herbs that are very cheap,such as garlic cinnamon and ginger.These can be purchased at you local grocer. How ever those at a health store, capsules will be considerably higher. Compromise to find affordable herbs.

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