Taking Control of Diabetes w/Dr Neal Barnard

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Got my new PBS calendar for March TV. On March 7, Sunday, Vegas PBS has nutrition researcher Neal Barnard, MD…"revealing groundbreaking research and scientifically proven methods to turning back the clock on diabetes." They used the "reverse" T2 words. I am sure this will cause a big discussion here…said it is to be repeated on Tuesday…might be showing across the nation, so check your listings for PBS. I will be taping one of the shows to watch during the week. He discusses his low-fat vegan diet…so not sure how much is an ego thing and how much will be proven and based in fact and research.

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judy makowski
judy makowski 2010-02-27 19:01:22 -0600 Report

I question if Type 1 diabetis can be reversed simply because of the needed insulin but I do think type 2 can be controlled if it hasn't gone to far.

For a long time my A1C test was a 5 but then I got under a lot of stress and pain etc and my #'s started creeping up. I am trying to get back on the straight and narrow again and lose the weight I have gained. I know that will help I plan to watch this show. I'm putting it on my calendar now so I don't forget.

I know when I was undergoing chemo they called it crs. I don't know what my excuse is now. LOL

MAYS 2010-02-27 19:41:14 -0600 Report

Diabetes is chronic, you have it lifelong.
Type 1 is final because your pancreas fails to produce insulin either totally or in sufficient amounts for use.
Type 2 can be controlled via proper diet, exercise and commitment, it's not easy because we, as humans always want our way, even if it's wrong, but in this case, discipline is necessary for survival, and only we can make that decision.
" Mays "

MAYS 2010-02-27 02:05:31 -0600 Report

If chronic diseases such as diabetes, are life long diseases, how can you reverse or stop one that is progressively damaging, life long ?

imsuzie2 2010-02-27 02:37:54 -0600 Report

We got into that one after Oprah's show with Dr Oz, remember. That is why I want to watch and see what he says…and why I quoted the word reverse. Short of a pancreas transplant, I don't think diabetes can be cured, just controlled to maybe the point of being off meds like Kirla.

MAYS 2010-02-27 09:38:20 -0600 Report

I remember that all too well !
I just feel that there should be clarification on their behalf so that people are not mislead or given a sense of false security, especially when confusing Pre-Diabetes which can be cured, with Diabetes Type 2 which cannot be.
Thanks for posting the information.
" Mays "