Heart palpitations

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Hi all…
I just turn 53 and I have started to have heart palpitations every now and then… some days I don't have it @ all…I was wondering do it have something to do with menopause..I really don't have all the symptoms…The one thing I do have is the mood swings… Can anyone let me know if they think this is the reason for the palpitations…I didn't have them until I turn 53…I'm going to make a Doc appt to make sure…I hope nothing is wrong… Need an answer…kind of scare…

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MAYS 2010-02-26 13:38:54 -0600 Report

Menopause is not the only cause of heart palpitations, so even if you are menopausal, it is important to get any irregular heartbeat checked out. The most common cause of heart palpitations is ingesting too many stimulants. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, decongestants, and diet pills all contain chemicals that stimulate the heart. Too much of these stimulants can confuse your heart and cause it to beat out of control. Fluid loss can also cause an imbalance in your electrolytes

arie 2010-02-26 20:38:58 -0600 Report

I notice when I take something with Folic Acid I seem to get heart palpitation…But I still don't know if this is related to menopause…due to the fact that I turn 53…

MAYS 2010-02-26 13:34:03 -0600 Report

What are Heart Palpitations :

If you are consciously aware of your heart beating, you are probably having a heart palpitation. Also known as an irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrhythmia, heart palpitations can afflict anyone at anytime, but heart palpitations and menopause usually go together.

Heart palpitations are accompanied by the sensation of your heart skipping a beat or beating too many times within a specific time period. Heart palpitations usually occur sporadically over a period of two to three months. Heart palpitations may accompany hot flashes, another common symptom of menopause, increasing your heart rate between 8 and 16 beats a minute. Some women have been known to experience heart rates of up to 200 beats per minute when experiencing heart palpitations.

What Causes Heart Palpitations During Menopause?
Heart palpitations during menopause are generally considered a result of fluctuating hormones. Constantly changing levels of estrogen and progesterone can wreak havoc on your body, causing your heart to pound aggressively or your body to sweat profusely. If you are taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) you may also notice an increase in heart palpitations at the beginning of your treatments.


rankearl 2010-02-26 12:59:08 -0600 Report

pre or menopause can cause all kinds of things hot flashes nightsweats mood swings weight gain i started having menopausable symptoms at age 40 do you have heart disease in your family?? be careful make that appt soonnn!!((HUGS)) julie

arie 2010-02-26 20:29:29 -0600 Report

my mom had heart disease…as a matter of fact she die of heart disease… due to diabetes and high blood pressure…she didn't keep herself up like I do…she let everything get out of control…But to be on the safe side…I'm going to go see my Doctor…hopefully the palpitations are due to menopause…
Thank you…

MAYS 2010-02-26 11:58:32 -0600 Report

I can answer your question but you must still see your doctor for an examination.
The condition is called Perimenopause, and it's common in women from the ages of 35 to 55.
What accompanies it is periods of Hot Flashes, the Perimenopause Heart Papitations can range from mild to severe.
Talk to your doctor, if he or she feels that an examination and \ or test are necessary i'm sure that it (diabetes) will be taken into consideration.


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