Diabetes ... Your Personal Time Bomb

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Every diabetic carries around within themselves their very own personal time bomb.


We know what to do in order to survive, but do we do it consistently ?

( type 1 and insulin taking type 2 diabetics are excluded )
They must take insulin daily in order to survive.

We know of all of the consequences and pitfalls, read the books, viewed the videos and photos, but is that enough ?

We give advice, get upset at times when advice is given, carry around excuses in one hand and negative responses in the other.

In the end we have no one to blame for our failure to do what is necessary in order to survive.

We say that people do not understand us or what we are going through, what's more important, their understanding of your chronic disease or your understanding of it ?

Do they feel the pain or discomfort or do you ?
Will they develope the life threatening, life altering complications of diabetes or will you ?

Excuses are convenient and sound good, let it out, but be honest with yourself, what did it do for you, or what does it actually accomplish ?

Your bruised ego is calmed, some what justified but the diabetes still remains with you along with all of the possibly pending complications !

How much do you know about diabetes ?
How much are you willing to teach some one else ?
How much research are you going to do for yourself ?

Yet we know of and search for answers and information to many other, non relevant things that actually can wait.

Tick … Tick … Tick … Tick … Tick … Tick …

Meanwhile that time bomb within just keeps on ticking away while you do very little or nothing to slow it down.

You can't stop it but you can slow it down and live a very comfortable, rewarding life just as you were meant to.

Awareness, Education and Action are your keys to doing this, which brings me to this point :

My friends and non friends alike here on DC, know nothing about me, and that's by choice (mine), yet I have offered many of you FREE books, not brochures or paphlets on Diabetes so that you will at least have a headstart beyond the initial diagnosis of your doctor, and advice of your friends, to try to help you understand what you are dealing with, saving you money and time in the process.

Many have rejected this offer but a few have accepted it.
Education can be free but if it's the wrong information it does cost you in the form of time, research, trial and error and sometimes embarrassment.

You can always blame someone, just don't blame yourself, your personal time bomb is someone else's fault, maybe your doctor's, he hasn't done enough to cure you of this !

Meanwhile that time bomb just keeps ticking away, as always.

Your family, friends, co workers, neighbors and doctors are not at fault if and when this time bomb goes off in whatever manner or fashion that it does, neuropathy, kidney or heart failure, blindness, amputation, paralysis or death.

You can blame others and meanwhile as you are doing so, that time bomb just keeps on ticking … tick … tick … tick … tick …tick …

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