Vit D defficient

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I just went to the DR for a check up, and I get to add another diagnosis on my list. Vitamin D defficient. I now need to take 5 vit D pills a day. Anyone else have this problem? Seems like more things have gone wrong since becoming T2

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spiritwalker 2010-02-21 16:18:06 -0600 Report

I have had a problem with D. I can not be out in the sun for any length of time. I had sun stroke when I was 6 years old. My Dr. put me on calcium with 600mg of D, twice a day. That has taken care of my problems. Good Luck.

Crashnot 2010-02-21 08:50:18 -0600 Report

I joined an international study on Vitamin D last winter and have been learning ever since.

Pretty much everyone in the northern hemisphere is vitamin D deficient. Unless your skin is exposed to the sun for at least 20 minutes a day, without sunscreen, during the summer, you will even be deficient at that time when your body can produce it naturally.

At these latitudes, we don't get enough rays from fall until late spring, so you need to supplement-unless you live in the mountains and are tough enough to bare your skin for a decent amount of time.

Wonder why everyone is healthy in the summer and sick in the winter? Check their vitamin D levels.

Since putting my family on massive doses last summer, we've had our healthiest winter on record. What a relief! The dosage recommendations on the vitamin bottles are also out of whack. They are based on preventing rickets, not supporting the immune system. We have gotten our levels above the 50 mark by taking 35 I.U. per pound of weight.

It pretty much boils down to, you need to take a large supplement whether you have diabetes or not. And if you do have diabetes, high sugars will cause you to flush out large amounts of vitamins and minerals when your sugars are high. So now you need even more.

For a detailed rundown, check out the international site:

It's not the diabetes, it's where you live!

RoseAngel 2010-02-21 14:32:33 -0600 Report

Wow! No wonder I'm always so awfully sick. Even with taking 50,000 IU a week, my level of Vitamin D is only at around 13! I've been sick since before Christmas and can't seem to get any better.

Crashnot 2010-02-21 16:28:59 -0600 Report

What's your doctor said about that? It would seem you need another vitamin or mineral to help metabolise the D, but I have no idea what it works in conjunction with other than Calcium. You must get really low on energy at 13!

Crashnot 2010-03-19 15:57:16 -0500 Report

I was just reading that vitamin A negates any D you are taking. For some reason your body won't absorb D when A is running around. Are you taking an A supplement at the same time? Will see if I can find that link for you.

MAYS 2010-02-21 08:26:36 -0600 Report

Diabetics should always take vitamin and mineral supplements due to a v&m deficiency of some sort based on diet and the unique demands put forth on the body, it also benefits diabetics by reducing the complications of such according to this report and study :

. Evidence suggests that vitamin D plays an integral role in insulin sensitivity and secretion. Vitamin D deficiency results in part from poor nutrition, which is one of the most challenging issues for people with diabetes. Another culprit is reduced exposure to sunlight, which is common during cold weather months when days are shorter and more time is spent indoors.

Crashnot 2010-02-21 09:34:20 -0600 Report

It's pretty hard to get enough vitamin D from food sources. Egg Yolks provide about 35 units per yolk, 100-200 units if the hens are kept outside on grass to give them sun. You'd need at least 10 eggs a day in that case. Cod Liver oil is the traditional supplement our parents (and maybe some of us) suffered through as children. But even that needs to be as a supplement. Otherwise, lots of salmon!

Pam from KCMO
Pam from KCMO 2010-02-21 06:19:23 -0600 Report

I, too, recently found out I'm (very) deficient in Vitamin D. My endo told me most women in the US suffer from it - diabetic or not. During our first visit, she told me I probably was D-deficient - said she could tell that because I was so pale. (!) The blood test proved her right.

So I've been taking D for about 3 - 4 months now. I may be imagining it, but I think it's really helping. I usually get depressed during our long, cold, dark and interminable winters - not so this year. (Not as much anyway - lol) And I've had to go a shade darker in my makeup!

So I think of my Vitamin D as a 'good' pill. Love the side effects! — NOT the makeup - the other stuff! :)

Kira_xo 2010-02-21 05:06:50 -0600 Report

I actually heard that like 70% of people have a Vit D deficiency, and most just don't know it. Come summer time, spend 10 or 15 minutes outside during the day in the sun and that will help a lot. Also have you spoke to your doctor about a vitamin D supplement? When I was pregnant I had a vit D deficiency and they put me on one 5,000 iu pill a week. A lot easier than taking it everyday lol.

RoseAngel 2010-02-21 05:46:29 -0600 Report

Yes, Kira, that's what I take now, but I guess my body hasn't responded to it yet. I drink a lot of fat free milk - they say that milk can actually help the diabetes; just be sure it's the fat free kind. My daughter and son-in-law live in Seattle and they both have mild cases of Vit D deficiency, but they just take OTC Vit D for it and I guess that's fine for them. It is good to get out in the sun asap, but I have 2 different skin disorders (psoriasis and sarcoidosis), which makes it difficult to go out without covering up (even if it didn't make those conditions worse, I hate it because it's so ugly and people makes comments about it), so I'm kind of caught in a lose-lose situation here.

I also wanted to mention that the prescription Vit D isn't that awfully expensive. When I got it, I got 4 weeks worth (for a month's prescription) and I think it was about $5.00 for the prescription (at the time I was in the gap with Part D coverage, so that was full payment for them).,

Anyway, I hope it all works out for all of you - it's never good if your vitamins get out of whack.


Kira_xo 2010-02-21 06:10:11 -0600 Report

Yea, I have problems with going out in the sun as well. Not any medical problems, but I am very pale in skin tone. Just a few minutes out in the sun and I am turning pink! One summer I was out in the sun for 30 minutes and I got sun burned so bad I had to go to the hospital with like heat sickness. Def no bueno! I am hoping this summer tho, since I have a young child, I can get out for 10 minutes a day with out any issues and take him to the park or something. Plus I have more or less taken up gardening, so hopefully that will get me out in the sun for a little bit.

I dont remember how much the weekly pills were but I know it wasn't expensive and they really helped a lot! Plus once a week is super easy for me to remember! lol.

Crashnot 2010-02-21 09:30:52 -0600 Report

Psariasis is strongly linked to vitamin D. My dad's suffered from it for years, as did his mother. Since starting Vitamin D two years ago it hasn't shown itself.

Elrond 2010-02-21 04:53:47 -0600 Report

So far, I haven't had trouble with this one but I suppose one of the contributing factors is that as diabetics we tend to avoid milk and that's an important source of vitamin D for most folks. I'm afraid I don't have a quick fix for it either. A prescription vitamin D formula is probably the best but very expensive. I'll do some research into the matter. Just for reference, everyone might want to look at:

Splender 2010-02-21 00:46:20 -0600 Report

Hi London,
Yes, about 3 years ago I found out I was deficient in Vitamin D I am also taking a prescription dose of Vitamin D but I am taking 3 pills a week. I go to my endocrinologist again in May and we will again do a blood test to see if it has helped any. By that time I hope to be able to get into the sun a lot more with a whole lot more body parts showing like my arms and legs. I also take Calcium that has Vitamin D in it and that's supposed to help too. I begining to think that we diabetics are a walking bag of nothing but problems, one right after another. What do you think?

Will be keeping a check on this discussion cause I would like to see how many of us are having the same problem with our Vitamin D.

Take care all.


RoseAngel 2010-02-21 00:27:25 -0600 Report

Hi London,

Yes London, I have the same problem. I'm not sure why, but my Vitamin D is about half of what the normal should be. My doctor just put me on a prescription dose, where you take1 pill once a week for 3 months. The scary thing about this for me is that it can affect your kidneys and I already have problems with a neurogenic bladder because of my diabetes and an accident I had in 2002, where I was struck from behind in my car. The accident has call a neuogenic bladder (I havve same herniated disks that are pressing on they nerves all the way down my legs, into my back, and pressing on the nerves near my bladder. This has lead to major problems with my bladder anyway and I'm so afraid I'm going to wind up with dialysis (and I'm only 50 years old). Anyway, I strongly urge you to get your doc to put you on prescription-strength Vitamin D (and get as much natural sunlight as possible.

It really sucks that those of us with diabetes have to work two or three times harder than the "normal" folks juxg go kddp ouf bodies somewhat in control, huh?

Take care and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


Note: Sorry if there's a lot of typos and grammatical mistakes, but I've been sick since before Christmas and it's just getting worse!

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