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Started 2010-02-20 11:09:06 -0600

My grandma passed away this morning at 230am. I didnt get to see her as I wanted to. I am so mad at my self once again. Just like when Grandpa passed. I didnt get to see him either. Why do I do this to myself? I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out

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birch21 2010-11-24 19:38:10 -0600 Report

I know this is hard for you now and everyone is going to tell you it will get better with time but just know this one thing. I too didn't get to be with my grandmother or see her the day she passed away. The one thing is that when she passed away I immediately woke up. My mother told me what time she passed and that was the exact time I awakened. When my granddaddy passed away I didn't get to see him either but the exact time he passed away was the exact time that my brother got home from being out with friends. I know you miss your grandmother and I still miss mine but I also remember that the reason we cry is not because we have lost our special loved ones it is to wash away our pain and to help us heal even though we still miss them terribly and know that they are in a better place we can remember the good times we spent with them. Take care of yourself and don't be afraid to cry or share your thoughts with anyone else. I don't know exactly how you are feeling but I can feel for you and pray for peace and comfort to you and your family. I know this is long and I apologize but just felt I needed to share with you. Take care and May God richly bless you and yours this day and every day in a special and unique way.

tholz 2010-11-24 21:52:55 -0600 Report

Thanks very much. This came at a great time for me Thanksgiving. I am doing ok.
I didnt get to see my grandpa either. So this was hard for me. I loved them both.

birch21 2010-11-24 23:28:31 -0600 Report

I loved both of mine as well. Thanksgiving can be a rough time even though most people don't really think about it but I do and that is part of what I am thankful for is that I have the warmest and most precious memories of my grandparents. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Harlen 2010-02-20 16:13:23 -0600 Report

I am so sorry I KNOW how you feel
Just hang in there hon it never gose away but it dose ease a bit with time
Best wishes

spiritwalker 2010-02-20 14:59:35 -0600 Report

Its never easy when those we love pass on. Remember all
the love and the pleasant times shared. My own Grandmother
( gone many years now) shared the following with her many
grandchildren. I will live on in each of you who shared my life.
I will always be with you in heart and spirit for as long as
you live. I know this to be true. HUGS.

BIRDY 2010-02-20 13:08:04 -0600 Report

I'm truly sorry.Maybe she's gone because she did not want you to see her in a bad condition.Do not blame yourself.
"God gives a smile when we make a plan"…You see , we can't control everything.This is what life is.

rankearl 2010-02-20 13:03:06 -0600 Report

hi sorry to her of your grandmas passing i lost my father many years ago to cancer he was a good man and he is still frequently in my thoughts hugs julie

donna13 2010-02-20 12:10:15 -0600 Report

There are always feelings of regret after someone passes. It's just a process you have to go through. In time you will start remembering the good times and how your grandma loved you and you loved her. Hope this time comes soon for you. All my sympathy.

veggie1962 2010-02-20 11:55:21 -0600 Report

I know what it's like. Same thing happened with my parents. I had an opportunity to be with my mom after her second stroke, but decided to wait until the holiday weekend to travel to NJ to see her. She passed away on Friday. After moving to VT, I was not working and a month or so before my father passed away (he was not ill or anything like that), I had a very strong desire to visit with him and my sister (she had just moved in with him). After he passed, I realized that desire was a little voice telling me to go becasue there wouldn't be more opportunities like that. I was aggravated at myself esp since I could have gone at any time and didn't. But I did get to speak with him right before he passed so for that I am grateful.

I know it's tough, but I just took that expereince to mean that I really need to listen when I get those kind of feelings. Hang in there, things will get better.

MAYS 2010-02-20 11:20:35 -0600 Report

My prayers and condolences go out to you and your family :

Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on,
And cherished memories never fade
Because a loved one's gone.
Those we love can never be
More than a thought apart,
For as long as there is memory,
They'll live on in the heart.
(Author Unknown)

Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2010-02-20 11:12:40 -0600 Report

I know how hard it is when someone passes away. I felt the same way when my mother & father went so early. You just need to know that they knew you loved them and you were with them in spirit. Hang in there. HUGS!

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