Is Your Partner Bad For Your Diabetes?

By MAYS Latest Reply 2010-04-24 18:40:38 -0500
Started 2010-02-19 18:12:17 -0600

dLife Diabetes Relationship Quiz !

Some people keep their diabetes to themselves, and others wear their diabetes on their sleeve and make it part of their introductions. It can be a clumsy conversation or it can be handled with confidence, but being close with someone means they know what your "dLife" involves. Having a partner who supports you and your diabetes is important for your health.

How did you do ?

( Addendum )

Do any of you request or require that your spouse \ partner have an understanding or knowledge about diabetes and it's complications to either help or understand you and your situation, or does it even matter ?

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ston3xc 2010-04-24 18:40:38 -0500 Report

I feel bad after reading all the posts, my hubby and I scored 200. He has been there thru all my bad times and I know he did't plan on this. I was married to my ex for 27 yrs and he didn't care a hoot. Tom and I have been together 10 yrs married 1 and a half. I didn't start to get real bad until about 6 yr ago. He knew he had to understand to help support me emotionally.

dietcherry 2010-03-23 06:45:47 -0500 Report

I don't have a partner, MAYS! Does this make me automatically go to the top of the scoreboard or the bottom?! LOL ;)

MAYS 2010-03-23 10:03:05 -0500 Report

Well above the top of the charts in my book (LOL) !
The bottom is for basement dwellers such as myself !

Roy531 2010-03-25 18:05:35 -0500 Report

Well move over Mays so I can join you. I wanted my spouse to have an understanding of my diabetes, she did have that but she didn't want to give up what she wanted as in eating and such so it would be healthy for me. I guess when I complained enough about needing to watch what I eat and not eating out all the time is when she politly told me to get out. It would be nice to have somebody that would support you in living better, eating healthier but that was not for here. Since I packed my bags and left my blood sugar are a lot better and I have lost 75 pounds. So I guess it was better for me that I left.

Alyssa512 2010-03-25 18:19:18 -0500 Report

My boyfriend is like your wife. He knows its a serious sickness but it scares the crap out of him or its a nuissance, something he wants nothin to do with. we had a life of playing music, working, do what we not, we easily are able to pay bills and we had no worries and not much rules and we are good people. But not that good i guess cause i got knocked down with this and i have to take responisibility and he doesnt and he doesnt want to, not to even help me with this. but i can do it, hes just a pain in the butt. i am sorry to hear about your wife but good for you for standing on your own and you do what you need to do, dont let no one keep you from bettering you. and way to go on the 75 lbs.

Alyssa512 2010-03-23 00:28:34 -0500 Report

0 - 70 points: Your partner may be hindering more than they're helping you with your diabetes management. But there is something you can do! Talk to your loved one about how they can help to make your diabetes life a little better with their support and concern. An open line of communication can make all the difference in your relationship.

I scored a 70. I have tried talking to him about my situation and he listens but doesn't get it. He cares about me, but is letting me handle this on my own.
I don't see anything wrong with it, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself.

MAYS 2010-03-23 00:58:59 -0500 Report

Don't take this poll \ test seriously !

Yes you are capable of taking care of yourself and educating your spouse on the hows, whys and what to do's of diabetes.

You care about one another and that's what matters most.

" Mays "

MAYS 2010-02-20 18:13:53 -0600 Report

Do any of you request or require that your spouse \ partner have an understanding or knowledge of diabetes and it's complications to either help or understand you and your situation, or does it even matter ?

Juliann1984 2010-02-21 06:48:40 -0600 Report

It most definitely matters! When I was younger, I didn't care much… my ex-husband never really paid attention to my diabetes at all. But now (maybe because of all the complications the past few years have brought), I've realized how important their understanding is, especially in an emergency where you may be unconscious. There's been a few times that I've been unconscious with my fiancee, and he's been able to tell them if my sugars were high or low before the ambulance even got there, which let them know what to come prepared for.

Again, I can't stress how VERY important it is!!!

Juliann1984 2010-02-20 09:45:20 -0600 Report

I scored 190. Wesley's is VERY knowledgeable about my diabetes, and does always try to get me to follow my regimen! LOL

Sweet Mo
Sweet Mo 2010-02-20 09:13:43 -0600 Report

My wife is wonderful. Just last week for Valentine's Day, she gave me a box of these little chocolate race cars.
Now, I actually didn't mind the chocolate or even the fact that she was trying to poison my butt. Problem is, the little race cars were all Jeff Gordon's #24. I'm a Tony Stewart fan and we can't stand Jeff Gordon.

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