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Thank for all of the feedback that you have all collectively given since our private beta launch. Please keep it coming, since your participation will continue the improvements.

We have about 35 major changes that we will be introducing to the site in the coming weeks - - all based on Member feedback.

First and foremost, "Discussions" will change to "Ask a Question". We still think this could be a great way for newbies or the less Internet-savvy to interact with the site. That said, we will be introducing a traditional Discussion Board as well. While the current formatting works well for rating and comments . . . it doesn't lend itself to ongoing Discussions.

I could go on and on about the other ideas (RSS feeds to the site for bloggers, integration of videos and books outside of YouTube and Amazon, better messaging on the Points system, blogging, member status, polling, editing comments, and small corrections here and there, etc.).

At the same time Amy Tenderich, NyxWulf, John Crowley and myself have been dreaming up new ideas that will help Community Members as well as how to affect change in the greater community at large. We are working on some new ideas that I hope will be unprecedented . . . so stay tuned.

And, as always, if you have great ideas for features you would like to see on the site you can email any of us directly or simply post for all to see.

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CALpumper 2008-03-19 15:49:35 -0500 Report

Whew got nervous about the whole Discussion turning to Ask a Question! But I getcha, good thinking, like the way this is going. All of it.

Discussion Board is a great idea, it will really help people interact, which is what most people enjoy doing on community sites like this.

And I have more ideas I need to ponder and organize in my head about the less internet-savvy. Just discussing it actually with my friend about making the site "easy" to navigate, make it easier to know "what to do" to be apart of the community.

Either way, excited to see the new developments!! It is going well All. You are all doing a grand job with this!

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