Neuropathy .. See it for yourself here !

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Are you experiencing signs of Diabetic Neuropathy or have you heard about it ?

Diabetic Neuropathy signals damage to your nerves and your nervous system.
Your nervous system does more than enhance and decode our sense of touch, it also stimulates, regulates and controls all of the functions of our internal organs and movement of our extremities.

Tired of reading ?

Then click on the links below for videos,animations and information explaining Diabetic Neuropathy in greater detail :

How the Brain and your Nervous system works slidesow :

Are you experiencing any of the following :

Uncontrollable itching
Numbness in your hands and \ or feet
Burning sensations in your hands and \ or feet
Tingling feelings in your hands and \ or feet
Insects crawling on you sensation on your legs or feet

Notify your doctor if you are experiencing any of these feelings or sensations.

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Nana Jones
Nana Jones 2010-02-17 19:35:20 -0600 Report

I have diabetic neuropathy which some nights I can't sleep because of the burning and tingling in my feet. At times it goes up my legs. I take gabapentin for it and it does help. I don't think I could take the pain if not for it. Thanks for sharing the info and I know it will help others.

rankearl 2010-02-17 13:15:42 -0600 Report

hi i have frozen shoulder both shoulders for a round ayear they just diagonsed me with perpheral neuropathy in my arms i always have to be different the pain is chronic it effects everything it even makes it hard to sleep it started on neurton which is relaxing my shoulders which does seem to be helping i feel gulity like i have caused this but it is not true i have been blessed i have done well for a long time this is what is ahppening and i am accepting this too hugs julie

rankearl 2010-02-17 13:17:46 -0600 Report

opps thanks mays for the info so far im lucky the pain and i feel like i have weights on my shoulders are all i have exspericed hugs julie

MAYS 2010-02-17 14:50:07 -0600 Report

I just added info and videos on frozen shoulder and exercises for such, take a few minutes if you have the time to check it out.
" Mays "

Susie624 2010-02-17 01:23:21 -0600 Report

Thank you Mays for the information,I have been experencing this symptoms for quite sometime,including the crawling under the skin.I have a doctors appointment next week so now I know some questions to ask.

MAYS 2010-02-17 03:22:13 -0600 Report

Thank You,
Glad that I could be of some help, please don't forget to ask the questions !

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2010-02-17 13:35:58 -0600 Report

I had that crawling sensation up and down my legs when I was losing so much sleep in trying to be a mom to four, and working full time too—-an hour or so of sleep in 24, does NOT cut it—especially over a long period of time!! I was YOUNG then and NOT diabetic, so guess a lot of things can cause that sensation. My family Dr said that it was "Nerves" so I TRIED so HARD to NOT be nervous—-hence the ensuing suppression and denial, caused mind issues———sigh——PR

Roy531 2010-02-17 14:08:33 -0600 Report

That could have been RLS, that restless leg thing can't spell the other word.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2010-02-18 14:36:04 -0600 Report

My Dr was notorious for making me feel like everything was "all in my mind!" I know, I had to give him PERMISSION, but I was young and felt that I knew nothing——Dr didn't seem to believe me even then—-looking back, I was right!! But small consolation now!! haha—PR

Danni-the-diabetic 2010-02-16 21:52:31 -0600 Report

All of the above except for the sensation of insects crawling on my legs. Thank God, because I would freak out. I hallucinated once (bad reaction to drug) that their were spiders all over and even when I closed my eyes I could feel them crawling on my…ughckk!! bad memory..

Thanks Mays for the information you provided. Very much appreciated.
:) Danni

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