cravings and the time of the month

By cc9 Latest Reply 2010-05-25 09:43:06 -0500
Started 2010-02-15 09:30:13 -0600

just wondering if anyone else (sorry guys for this being a sexist Q) have cravings for sugary food and things like pringles chips before their monthlies and an urge to binge-eat?

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anadeleo1 2010-05-25 09:43:06 -0500 Report

UGH! I get the biggest cravings for anything and everything sugary. Is there anyway to control this???

hop2it 2010-02-15 21:31:35 -0600 Report

Yes! I crave carbohydrates in any form, but especially pasta, bread, potatoes, pizza, etc. I can't seem to get enough to eat for several days. I really try not to give in, but sometimes…yikes!

cc9 2010-02-15 23:40:56 -0600 Report

thats great. has anyone found anything that helps to contain the urges?

BIRDY 2010-02-16 04:15:58 -0600 Report

I was exactly in the same way.I used to become a kitchen monster who was eating whatever around.My stomach used to work like a trash machine cause in 10 minute I could have eaten salty , sweet , meat , fruit then again meat , sweet , salty …Thank God we are now on low GI diet and since then I started handling my monthlies very smoothly.I don't crave for something extra.A few dried fruits or similar can stop me now.

cc9 2010-02-16 07:33:24 -0600 Report

mmmmmm even on low GI i have probs. you are lucky it worked for you. lol i try not to have stuff i like and crave at home but then wheni get hit, i drive to the 711 and load up.

JulieC 2010-02-15 19:43:43 -0600 Report

I crave EVERYTHING!!! the week before, all I want to do is eat, eat everything I think about…choclote, cheese, pizza, fast food…you name it! Then the day it starts…it all goes away. So hard to not cave in to those cravings!! And some times..I do.

giojuju 2010-02-15 16:54:24 -0600 Report

uuuuhh u got me there. i specially grave chocolate and lots of home made french fries for some reason at that moment i dont like store or fast food places fries i have to make them myself. but boy is it so hard to stay away and eat them too

sweething 2010-02-15 14:45:33 -0600 Report

Thank God for menopause! I had a bad case and indulged in it too much and too long. It's horrible. You have my sympathy.

cc9 2010-02-15 17:23:06 -0600 Report

yeah i can see the benefit in that. but then there are other things that come with menopause as well, arent there. and how does that impact on your diabetes (if any)

Sally 2010-02-15 13:18:35 -0600 Report

YES!! It is always a struggle for me. I want nothing "healthy", just chips and chocolate. My bloodsugar always runs high anyway before that time of the month and then after it runs low. I try to indulge myself a little, but finding the balance is hard.

spiritwalker 2010-02-15 10:21:10 -0600 Report

Those days are passed for me. I did crave chocolate and
salty foods such as nuts. Those cravings each month were
difficult . I hear what you are saying.