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hi all just wanted all my D C friends y i have not been on so much
as most of u know i have steroid shots in my eyes to help me with my vision and lazor also . 4 mounths after having my shots 3 weeks later i went to have my lazor and they tested my eys they found that mthe steroid had brought my vision back to 20/20 all well and good but in mid jan i started having slite vision bleer.
after seeing my eye dr on feb 5 my vision was 20/200 with full blown cataract ready to be removed
this was always a risk with the inj i just did not think so fast
so here i sit at home looking (ha ha ha ) for things to do i can inlarge the screen on the pc but not the keyboard so the list of things i can do on my own are getting sohrter by the day so if i dont get back to some of u dont get made i will as soon as i can . some of u have already sent me notes looking for me and have tryed to get to them and i would like to thank them and every one on DC for there help over the past year or so love u all and this site they keep me going hope to see all your post soon SEE ha ha ha
love roger

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ferk01 2010-02-21 05:03:18 -0600 Report

I have found just the opposite about steroids. My eye doctor told me that I received cataracts in both eyes due to steroid injections I received for pain management in my neck. I wonder why you received 20/20 with steroid injections in your eyes and my eyes had the opposite effect. How interesting.

roger 2010-02-21 11:43:59 -0600 Report

the steroid helped reduce the swelling behind my eye which in turn let my eye go back to the right shape and let me see a clear pic
when swelling my eye takes a pic like a out of focus camera becouse the back of my eye is not the right shape
i have good vision when i keep good control of my bg but mwhen it goes up and down my vision does the same
the 8 lazor treatments help also by stoping the bleeding from the poping blood vesels just know how long they can keep them going 8 is a lot i am told
my eye dr told me i would lose my vision one day but they were going to try to perlong that as long as posable
PS thank u all for your com this helps me get through this more then u know love u all ROGER!

roger 2010-02-20 19:22:29 -0600 Report

getting close to my steroid inj i get the first on the 25 then cataract in that eye removed on 3/2 then next steroin inj could be on 3/6 and #2 cataract comes out on 3/16 or 3/28 will find out for sure on 2/25 all most cant post this getting harder to see keyboard will try hard to keep up dateing as things happen

jayabee52 2010-02-13 02:08:17 -0600 Report

I had my left eye cataract done about 6 mos after first Dx'd with D. I see good with that eye now. That was in 1996. So far the Eye Doc says that they see one in right eye, but it is very small and it hasn't seemed to grow since then, so far, so good.

Jem & I are praying for you to have successful surgeries.

Bless you and yours

donna13 2010-02-13 07:54:36 -0600 Report

My retina dr. wants me to have my cataract removed. My regular eye dr. said it is because he (retina dr.) can't see my retina well enough with the cataract there. So even though my eye sight is not affected by it, it will have to be removed.

cc9 2010-02-13 07:56:08 -0600 Report

thats a tough one donna. what does your instinct tell you?

donna13 2010-02-13 08:55:37 -0600 Report

After being blind in that eye for a number of weeks, I will do anything to make sure it is doing ok. The retina dr. does not communicate very well, but I personally believe that if it wasn't for him I would not have the vision I do have, which is about 20-40 now in that eye.

cc9 2010-02-13 09:15:15 -0600 Report

oh well. you clarified it for urself. being able to see clearly is so important. i find i dont hear as well if my sight is playing up. good luck and let us know when u go for your cataract op. hugs.

roger 2010-02-13 20:56:42 -0600 Report

donna 13 ask your dr if they can just polish it up with the lazor if it is not so bad they told me if they could not get it all after i healed they could use the lazor to clean up the rest
ps good luck

roger 2010-02-13 20:53:01 -0600 Report

thank u for the note i love DC

roger 2010-02-15 13:32:01 -0600 Report

jayabee thanks keep ,an eye (hga ha ha ) on that other eye i was going lik mi wrote every 3 or 4 mounths and when from none to ready to come out. passed the pre surg test (EKG) today next is the steroid inj on the 25 and then surg for left eye on the 2 . got told they my move second eye up to march 16 will find out on the inj apt on the 25 love u all

roger 2010-02-15 13:42:49 -0600 Report

thanks just do me a fav and pray twice a day for me i could use the help u know just menchen my name now and then so he dont forget about me HaHaHa love roger

MAYS 2010-02-15 13:45:37 -0600 Report

Done !
If you find the time and space in your prayers, please do the same for me !
Thanks ( Mays )

jayabee52 2010-02-15 14:15:44 -0600 Report

You're welcome Roger, I will also pray for you 2x/day for you and your dr & med team for successful surgeries.

roger 2010-02-15 17:51:26 -0600 Report

thank u all to kind but do i here 3x (i need the help) any one ? come on i am worth 3x aday who will bid ?HA HA HA love u all

MAYS 2010-02-16 16:37:40 -0600 Report

No need for thanks, I would do it regardless !
Take care of yourself on your end !
" Mays "

cc9 2010-02-13 01:14:15 -0600 Report

good luck with your eye surgery. my ex had a cataract and when the eye hospital sent him off for his bloodwork, they found out he has diabetes. he had his surgery and is happy to have perfect vision in one eye.

roger 2010-02-13 20:51:17 -0600 Report

thanks they are going to do my bad eye first so if it comes out good my right eye will do even better

cc9 2010-02-13 20:55:15 -0600 Report

of course it will come out good. think positive roger. plus all the prayers and love we send you. all you need to do is to make sure your sugars are well managed, no stress, relax, eat well, lots of water, and follow your post op care. hugs.

MAYS 2010-02-12 14:14:28 -0600 Report


I hope that things work out for you, continue doing what you need to do, I wish for you the best, there are a lot of things in this world to see and I hope that you get the chance see some or most of them, sometimes we take our sense of sight for granted until it's either compromised or lost, don't ever give up !

roger 2010-02-12 14:56:19 -0600 Report

thank you and every one i love this site becouse of people like u all
hope to see u all soon SEE ha ha ha LMAO
just have to ha ha about that way i wont cry about it try i it works and u will lighten up the mood around u to so poke fun at your self and watch others around u it also makes the day go by faster

spiritwalker 2010-02-12 13:45:09 -0600 Report

Good luck with your surgery. Hope you will be back with us

roger 2010-02-12 14:50:21 -0600 Report

not going to far but cant see the key board to type using my wifes old glasses just to see it know but dont know if it will last to surg changing that fast

donna13 2010-02-12 13:38:20 -0600 Report

Can I ask what the shots and laser treatment was for. I have MD and have received injections and laser treatment and now I have to undergo cataract surgery in the near future.

roger 2010-02-12 14:48:29 -0600 Report

the inj were steroids to promote my eyes ro heal .help with the swelling and make yhem stronger so they mite not bleed as much
the lazor is to stop the bleeding in the backs of my eyes from the poped blood vesels retanopathy (speling is bad) i have had 3 inj in each eye and 8 lazor treatment in each eye and yes they do hert and yes u see it comming and no it does not get easer each time i hate them both and have to have numb shots in my eye socket each time to get through them but it is a lot better then being blind for the rest of my life so i do it

ptsparkle 2010-02-12 13:35:30 -0600 Report

Hang in there Roger. When is your cataract scheduled for replacement? I've had one eye done, and the next probably this year some time. Don't feel bad, I'm always looking for ways to increase the screen size too.

ptsparkle 2010-02-12 13:41:02 -0600 Report

The Old Witness
An old man was a witness in a burglary case.
The defense lawyer asked Sam, “Did you see my client commit this burglary?”

“Yes,” said Sam, “I saw him plainly take the goods.”

The lawyer asks Sam again, “Sam, this happened at night. Are you sure you saw my
client commit this crime?”

“Yes,” says Sam, “I saw him do it.”

Then the lawyer asks Sam, “Sam, listen, you are 80 years old and your eye sight is probably bad. Just how far can you see at night?”

Sam says, “I can see the moon, how far is that?”

Something we can look forward to. lol…jim

roger 2010-02-12 14:38:11 -0600 Report

my first eye gets done march and the second on march 29

MAYS 2010-02-12 14:41:15 -0600 Report

When your surgery is done, enjoy the view !

Monalisa 2010-02-13 08:34:56 -0600 Report

Dear Roger,
My 95 yr old uncle lives with me and he was going blind because of cataracts…Well he got operated on both eyes about 12 yrs ago and right now he sees better than I do!!!
Remember to have a tight control of your blood sugar, because this will help you get better sooner..
Let us know how you are feeling and your outcome, feel free to vent we are here for you…
Good luck and take care, God Bless you,


roger 2010-02-13 20:49:10 -0600 Report

thanks i will let every one know how each eye does after each surg agan i love u all hear on DC

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