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I want to start drinking the Glucerna shakes as snacks, but they cost quite a bit. Is there a program or so that I can get help or vouchers to get the shakes?

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Carol11 2010-02-10 09:39:11 -0600 Report

No programme that I know of although there is occasionaly a coupron for them, But don't bother with them as they tast pretty vile. And for me they really spiked the BG readings

10fluffy35 2010-02-10 05:27:29 -0600 Report

See if you can find a 800 number, and ask if they
have any coupons to send you. Alot of companies
are very generous when you do this. I would check
with your dr. before you use this. Alot of the stuff
out there is very expensive and useless.

spiritwalker 2010-02-09 20:48:07 -0600 Report

I used these products briefly. Once in a great while they give
coupons for a dollar or two. I don't know of any formal program.
This isn't an Rx so its a personal choice to purchase. You could try writing to the company or going to the web site. The Glicerna
shakes and bars just got to expensive for me.

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