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i have a friend/co-worker who is also a diabetic, and she tells me that she checks her blood sugar "once in a blue moon." she said that she picks a day and checks it all day to see where she's at and then she'll go "awhile." she does this because it "saves on her fingers." to all outward appearances she has her diabetes under control. but this concerns me. i test a minimum of 3 times a day because im on insulin and have to know how much to give before each meal. i just dont see how saving the pain on the fingers is a healthy reason to not test at least once a day. can anyone really have a good controlled idea of what their blood sugar is doing if they dont test frequently. she goes weeks without testing at all.

am i wrong to be worried about her?

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Danni-the-diabetic 2010-02-07 22:03:16 -0600 Report

No you are not wrong to worry about her. I was her when I was younger (up until recently actually). I wasn't worried about my fingers, I just didn't care about myself at all. You are a good person to be concerned.

Hinboyz3 2010-02-07 21:54:43 -0600 Report

I think it a good safe idea just to check on a regular basis to at least know where your numbers are.

Kirla 2010-02-07 20:49:35 -0600 Report


tink2707 2010-02-07 22:07:08 -0600 Report

i am well aware that type 1 and type 2 are totally different diseases. i however am not type 1, though i may be on insulin i am type 2. and so is she, however she does not follow a low carb diet, she eats too many candy bars for her to be on such a diet.

spiritwalker 2010-02-07 14:29:47 -0600 Report

Some people don't believe they have diabetes. Denial is
a big problem. I have heard many times if you can't see
it, you aren't sick. Its taken serious only after signs of
neuropathy, reintopathy, or osteomyiltus appear. By
this time major damage is done. yes, you have a right
to be concerned for your friend.

tink2707 2010-02-07 14:34:40 -0600 Report

she might possibly be in somewhat of a form of denial. she's aware she's diabetic, she even takes metformin and was on byeta for awhile, but decided to stop taking it. (without consulting her doctor) because she didnt like it.

i guess i just dont understand. and i think perhaps some of her mood swings are probably do to a blood sugar level thats not as controlled as she thinks it is. but i cant say this to her, because it just makes her defensive and angry…is there anything i can do to help her see that she needs to watch her blood sugar regularly?

Harlen 2010-02-07 13:07:39 -0600 Report

Denile will do that for peaple.
When your frend can no longer see or loses a foot you will know why your testing like yoou need to I test 5 to 6 times a day and keep my # to 80-110 and that way I dont get all the complacations that comes with not keeping it where it needs to be.
Almost all meters will let you test on your arms just know that it is what it was 10 to 15 min ago but still works well
Best wishes

tink2707 2010-02-07 14:00:45 -0600 Report

she's been a diabetic for about 6 years now. i hope she doesnt end up that way. i watched my aunt, and my grandfather die of complications. i dont want to have to have the strength to watch someone else i care about die too.

Harlen 2010-02-07 18:37:45 -0600 Report

Tell her if your a good frend she will know its just that you care.If not atleast you will not need to watch what will happen.
Best wishes

Zoogirl 2010-02-07 11:31:40 -0600 Report

She is in danger of an early death if she doesn't test regularly. The little pain of a pin prick cannot compare to the pain of losing a foot to gangrene or going blind when blood vessels rupture. I feel that anyone that doesn't take testing seriously needs to be made to visit others that have faced amputations, etc. from complications of not controlling their sugars properly. It's an eye-opener!

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