Exercise aids

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An MD. friend shared the following with me and I thought some of my DCfriends might be interested
Shoe odometer- You add this to your shoe it counts
steps up to 600,000 or 400 miles and than
turns over.Self activating and turns off if you aren't
moving. www.shoeodometer.com
Lock Laces -specially designed elastic spring
locking device you tug them to tighten.
The next item comes from the matyo clinic and
Heartsmart-a small bright colored container for
low grain aspirin. It can be laced to a shoe,added to a key chain,back pack or purse.
Its free. Go to either of the following web sites
www.wonderdrug.com or
I hope this information will be of help.

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MAYS 2010-02-02 18:11:17 -0600 Report

Very helpful info, I will be checking them out.
Thank You

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