I am blessed

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Started 2010-02-02 07:25:40 -0600

I am blessed for today I was awakened by the sound of my alarm clock. I am blessed because today i was able to hug my wife and son. I am blessed because today I am writing to you. I am blessed because this very moment I am alive. For all of the bad things that I encounter I am blessed. For those days when nothing goes right, I am blessed. When my body feels pain, when my sugar won't behave and my eyesight gets blurry, I am Blessed. I am alive.

You see as long as I am alive There will be more hugs, there will be more monring coffee, there will be more writing to you all. As long as I am alive there may be bad as well. As long as I am alive there is HOPE!!

Good morning DC and have a blessed day

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jayabee52 2010-02-02 21:24:34 -0600 Report

Thanks Robert
That was truly inspirational! You might want to copy that and put it also in the "good quote" discussion ~James~

Harlen 2010-02-02 20:14:35 -0600 Report

The eyes are opened hope they open for all, One never knows when it will end
this ride we are on gose only one way Keep your eyes onen and see all that you can for when it is over its over.
Best wishes to you all

spiritwalker 2010-02-02 15:14:00 -0600 Report

We are all blessed in so many different ways. Sometimes
we take these blessings in our life as a given instead of a
gift. Thanks for the reminder.

ptsparkle 2010-02-02 09:48:28 -0600 Report

Thanks gregsDAD. Indeed we should count our blessings. No matter how bad it gets, there is someone suffering more than us. So we should always be thankful for all we have.

MAYS 2010-02-02 07:42:02 -0600 Report

You truly are blessed.
When you can wake up regardless of your condition you stand a chance to do better and be better, you have a chance to be helped and to help others, but it all starts with being alive !
Recognizing that you are blessed is a blessing in itself.
Helping others is a blessing.
You my friend are blessed for sharing your thoughts.
Yes, you are blessed, and your words pass on your blessings to others !
Thank You !
" Mays "

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