how often for A1C test

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I just wondered how often your dr. does
the A1C test. My Dr. does the A1C test
in her office at my appointment. If I need
to fast, then I go to the hospital lab

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donna13 2010-01-31 12:25:52 -0600 Report

I decided to try one of the tests from the pharmacy. I think I did it right, and it responded correctly , so I was pleasantly surprised when it registered 5.7. The last A1C I had from my doctor was 6.2, a little up from the one before, which was 6.0. I'll have to admit that I don't test very often only if I have eaten something I shouln't and am checking on my nos. When I was testing regularly, no more than twice a day then, I never got either low nos. or high ones. The nos would range from 120 to 160 never lower or higher. After reading everyone's nos. here, I started to get worried. But now, if I can believe this reading, I must be doing something right. I was tempted to take it over (it came 2 tests to a box), but since it was 30.00 for the box, I figured I could wait another couple of months to see what my nos. are at my dr's. I couldn't justify throwing 15.00 away.

giojuju 2010-01-30 19:04:29 -0600 Report

are the ones sold at the pharmacies as efficient as the one drs use or are they the same?

MAYS 2010-01-31 09:11:47 -0600 Report

The over the counter A1C Test are good but I don't recommend them as a replacement for the one your doctor takes or for excusing your doctors visit.
They are helpful if you would like to monitor yor status \ progress with your Diabetes Care Routine.
A trained professional such as your doctor in this case is and will always be your best choice !

spiritwalker 2010-01-30 16:12:45 -0600 Report

Doctors vary. My Dr. does it twice a year. However if there
are other medical concerns many Dr. will do the test four times a year.

Harlen 2010-01-30 11:53:23 -0600 Report

You can get a A1C test at the drug store
thats quick but my Doc dose one every 6 months or so but I am under good controil
hope this helps

MAYS 2010-01-30 11:04:34 -0600 Report

For those taking Insulin your test are normally given once every three (3) months due to red blood cells life expectancy being three (3) months, and non Insulin Diabetict once every six (6) months.
Just follow your doctors orders prior to your visit \ test.
I hope that this info has been helpful.

MAYS 2010-01-30 10:36:26 -0600 Report

The time frame pertaining to your test varies according to your doctors recommendations and prior findings and your current condition.
Normaly the test can be and are given 3,6 or 9 months apart with the norm being every 6 months, but this varies according to your condition and your doctor's intent and findings.

Here is a video clip that might be helpful:

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