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Started 2010-01-29 14:25:54 -0600

I have type 2 diabetes sugar under control my problem is mt feet, they constantly burn, the balls and toes hurt, in the morning my toes are numb.Not sure what to do about my feet.

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spiritwalker 2010-01-29 15:32:47 -0600 Report

Call your Dr. and let him know for starters. One of the complication of diabetes is neuropathy. If you are have burning,
and numbness these are signs of this complication.

jaclyncrystal 2010-01-29 14:33:21 -0600 Report

Hi, just type in under search discussions the topic diabetic neuropathy lots of info to help you out, but do as others have said talk to your doctor, simple testing of your feet will let you know the extent of your problems, good luck jackie

kdroberts 2010-01-29 14:28:36 -0600 Report

What does under control mean to you? What you're describing certainly sounds like diabetic neuropathy but could be other things, what does your doctor say?

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