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i just am doing carb counting to do my unsulin now..and hope to go on a pump in the next few months..does anyone know of any good sites or have any suggetions they can give me on carb counting…i have been looking at lables but its the thinks with out the lables that im stuck on..

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JSJB 2012-01-30 04:50:06 -0600 Report

I keep my carbs at 60 or below. There are many books that tell you how many carbs are in certain foods. I bought one 30 + years ago and am still using it. I also read the lables on packages along with the serving size. If I have something which doesn't show the carbs I guestimate it but still try to stay under 60. The hard part is that if you are at 60, you are done eating for the day unless you have something with 0 carbs. I also look at the sugar content of the product. You can have 0 carbs but hi sugars. I have noticed if I have too many carbs, my b/s goes up. Good Luck it is all will power.

mommy010307 2010-01-30 18:24:26 -0600 Report

thanks guys i just got off there web site and am getting the book…that site was great…hope u guys have a good weekend.thanks again..

rankearl 2010-01-29 13:10:17 -0600 Report

hi i have a cosmo pump the doctors calorie fat and carb counter is my diabetic bible they update it yearly has a great section evey time for diabetics i get mine at krogers around 5 bucks or go to my pump changed my life hope it does yours too oh i see spirit walkeralready had this reccomdation but it really is wonderful let me know if you nedd anyhting hugs julie

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-29 13:08:27 -0600 Report

I know what you are saying; it is really hard to count your carbs when you just have to make guess at it…I really have a hard time with that one. I have that book "The Calorie King," it is great! I highly recommend it…I am on the pump, and if I don't have help counting my carbs, I still can get into trouble… Hang in there and good luck…

spiritwalker 2010-01-29 12:56:32 -0600 Report

You want to go to : calorie king .com
They offer one of the best book and easiest books to understand. They cover jut about every food you could
think of eating. They also offer a food journal and other

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