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How do we know when to worry. I see a scratch on a lower limb, and I tend to want it to be taken care of right away. Clean it up and put an antibiotic cream on it just to be safe.
It took me years to even convince him how important keeping his feet covered properly is.
He says I worry too much,, and I probably do, but I have seen first hand what this kind of thing can lead to with my mother. I do not want the same thing to happen to him..
It's really strange too, because for years he had always told me the about the importance of taking care of cuts, deep scratches. etc. Now, he seems to think it is no big thing when it is..
When do you know when you should worry about these things?

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Elrond 2010-01-27 23:30:56 -0600 Report

Kirla & MAYS are absolutely correct. Any break in the skin, especially on the feet or legs, is potentially bad news for a diabetic. Even a fairly minor cut or scratch should have attention. Usually, washing and a good antibiotic followed by a bandaid are sufficient but keep an eye on the injury until you're satisfied that it's healing properly without infection. As stated by the others, any sign of infection is cause for a doctor visit. In a diabetic, infection can get out of control very quickly, leading to systemic illness, amputation, and sometimes even death. Of course, life has to be lived but nightly skin inspections are a very good idea.

Monalisa 2010-01-27 23:47:54 -0600 Report

That is so true…I had a pimple in my lower abdomen near my bellybutton and didn' care about it, I am obese and diabetic so I didn't feel a thing, one day i felt my underwear wet and when I took a better look the pimple was a big nasty, wet hole, I ended up in the operating room with spinal anesthesia and it took me a month in the hospital recieving intravenous antibiotics, now I learned the hard way that you have to triple the importance you give a cut, scrape, pimple, insect bite ect. before it gets complicated,

MAYS 2010-01-27 11:05:30 -0600 Report

Treat every cut, scrape and scratch for what they are,
injuries to the body, an open doors for germs.
You are handling them the correct way, clean, coat and cover, allowing it the chance to heal, if it's serious or you are unsure, visit the hospital, clinic or local first aid station.

Kirla 2010-01-27 10:57:14 -0600 Report

Before I was diagnosed, scratches and cuts seemed to take forever to heal. My legs looked awful. It looked like hundreds of tiny bug bites. Scratches and cuts took like a year to heal completely. I wouldn’t wear shorts outside the house.

When diagnosed my A1C was 14.1 and fasting blood sugar was 366. I changed my diet right way. It took about 6 weeks for my blood sugar to slowly drop down below 130. I noticed when on vacation last August that my legs were starting to look a lot better. I even was able to wear shorts.

Now 11 months after being diagnosed my A1C is 5.4 and my legs no longer have any signs of scratches, cuts or sores. I stepped on a piece of glass last week and it healed in a matter of days. I also noticed that cuts and scratches heal in no time.

If your blood sugars are close to normal you probably don’t have to worry. If your blood sugar is poorly controlled then it doesn’t hurt to be careful. I would see the doctor right away if cuts and scratches start to turn red or if it looks like an infection might be starting.

Good Luck

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