Trial And Error; I have tried my way, Now What? Should I do what the Doctor advises?

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The physician gets you started with a direction he thinks is best to regulate your diabetes; You have other health problems which some of your medications and diet that you are using may not be working together properly…Conflicts, and what to do…
And Schedule and Consistancy

When diagnosed with pre-diabetes, it did not seem like such a big deal, just get my levels under control, exercise more, eat better and lose weight. (Quit smoking)
That problem arose right after the first angioplasty. One clogged artery.
So, he started the new medications for both problems; diet, quit smoking, lost weight and got more exercise and then everything went well for quite a while…but eventually, after thinking he had things under control-he slowly went to all the bad habits, one at a time…
Everytime he was told that the risk was greater, did the same thing…diet, quit smoking, meds and testing as well. more frequently though.(I tried to do what he needed to do for myself as well, I admit i quit smoking for 2 years then but also went back) Again, feeling better. Although, I do not think this trial was as successful as the first because he was eating fine at home, but not out or on vacation…he has a real weakness for some foods from the midwest, and tends to delve into them when he goes there. The first time I went with him and he did this, we managed to keep those special treats somewhat under control; but if I am not with him, they get out of hand. I can't blame him, because it is like revisiting and old friend, but even old friends can be harmful when you have not seen them for a long time. I guess I am the only one that understands this. But, when you work so hard to try to keep someone you love alive; it hurts when you see them hurting themself.
Now, even more important than before, because he had been told in the past of the risks he was taking with his smoking and about his A1C and bs, it is even more detrimental that he take care of himself. Another bout with clogged arteries, 2 were very bad, and one is hopefully being taken care of with medication, but his diabetes is worse.
This time I have told him that he has got to do what the doctors think is right for him; they have mentioned insulin, but he insists he can do it on his own. Trouble is, they mentioned him worsening before the new events took place, and so have I.
So now, with more urgency than ever, I am taking a much more active role, because he says to everyone he can do it on his own,And I know he can, but not without my help. I do the research; I cook and measure the foods, values and more. Plus try to keep him on a regular schedule. You can not know if a medication is not working if you are not on schedule, and you need to be consistent and stay on a rigid routine.
Now, I admit that this can not be all accomplished at once, but it has to be something you strive for.

If you are working on a rigid schedule with meals, testing, medications etc. and you do not see some of the changes that you should be, then question your medication, diet etc.
Sometimes, even though certain foods are recommended for you, they may not be helping you, same with medications, etc. Then once you have been tracking schedule regularly, you can tell your doctor what you have been doing, and what your results have been.
Then maybe he want to alter something.
Some medications work for some people, but certainly not all, and when you have a combination for different problems there can also be Trial and Error, the key word here is the trial, take the time needed and do things properly on schedule and consistantly, and then report…

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The method of trial and error should never be applied when it comes to your health and life.
That's what controlled clinical trials are for.
Listen to your doctor and follow his\her instructions.
Here's a tip, keep a journal and log in all impiortant information, be honest, and take it with you on your doctors visits that way you can go over and discuss things that you noyiced, how you feel, etc.
Don't apply trial and error to your health.
" Mays "