Smoking and Diabetes ... Please Stop Smoking !

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If you or someone you know and Love has Diabetes and \ or Smokes please read this and click on the link to see the video !

When you smoke, you:

Decrease HDL (good) cholesterol in your blood, raising your risk of a heart attack.

May trigger a blood clot to form. A clot may either further narrow the blood vessel or completely block it. This damage can worsen foot ulcers and lead to blood vessel disease and leg and foot infections.

Increase the risk for developing insulin resistance, a condition in which the body doesn't efficiently use the insulin it produces. Insulin resistance predisposes a person to both diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you have diabetes, smoking is even worse because you're:

More likely to get nerve damage and kidney disease.

Three times more likely than nonsmokers are to die of cardiovascular disease.

More likely to raise your blood sugar level, making it harder to control your diabetes.

How to quit ( It's not easy, but necessary )

You know smoking is bad for you — and you've probably read everything under the sun about quitting smoking — but where do you start ?

Helen Dumski, R.D., L.D., and director of the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland, suggests taking on one bad habit at a time.

"If someone is newly diagnosed, the most important thing is for them to identify what they want to change first. The first move has to come from the smoker."

Click on this link for more info:

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Miminv 2010-03-30 08:58:27 -0500 Report

I told my new doctor to tell his diabetic patients who smoke my story. This is part of my health problems. I smoked for 22 years, for 10 years I kept trying to quit but had the nagging draw to go back to smoking. I could not stop and thought I would never stop. I finally tried Chantix two years ago and it worked. I didn't have any cravings in the end and I was able to say I am done and have not gone back in two years.

What happened the week after I quit smoking completly was a nightmare. The circulation slowly came back to my legs and feet and each night it got worse, the burn, prikly, stabing pain all over my feet. The lotion I put on wasn't working anymore, my levels were good, nothing was working to stop the pain. After one week I finally went to (my old doctor of 10 years) he gave me a 1mg tablet that did nothing. I went to (my old encronologist) he gave me a 10 mg tablet and that did nothing. Finally the 10 year doctor sent me to a nerologist. I went up to 2800mg of gabapentin within two weeks. They tested my feet and legs and my skin is numb from my feet to the middle of both legs. They had to stop the testing because the pain was too much when they tested. And I had taken a pain pill before hand.
My nerves in my feet are still dying so the pain is always there. My two old doctors never tested my feet until I walked in with all the pain. Your doctor should be taking a instument and touching your feet while you look away to see if you can feel it. I had symptoms for 10 years (put it in my log book) and my doctor kept saying that there was a cure for this if it got worse. I am not sure what cure but I haven't seen any and the doctor never said what this is. Diabetic neropathy can stop your life and what you want to do fast. My life has stopped at 45 because I am at 40 percent pain all the time and I am on three differnt pill and a cream for the pain. And Yes my diabetic levels are great.

Find any way to stop smoking now! Please understand that my step father died from lung cancer and my father is dying from COPD (chronic obstructive pumonary disease) which means he can't breath due to the smoking. I still was not able to quit. It was when I could breath after a surgery that I knew I had to quit and did with chantix.