Diabetes .. Take it Seriously

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Good Morning !

Thank you for taking an interest in me and my writings.

I live in the USA, New Jersey to be exact. I wear many hats as we all do during our lives, some hats are worn a little longer than others !

I'm a Photographer and I have taught computer technology \ repair classes and enjoy working with children, disabled children and senior citizens, all of whom I consider to be great assests to society.

Not wishing to bore you, I learned to enjoy life and to appreciate all that it has to offer.
I enjoyed writing as a child because it allowed me to convey my thoughts, being the quiet person that i am, and I carried it on to my adult life, maybe i missed my calling in life, maybe but i still enjoy it nontheless.

I just want others to know that Diabetes is serious and should be taken seriously.

Education and Knowledge is the key, many want sympathy and curealls but they do not exist and that idle, unproductive time is time wasted, diabetes doesn't wait and neither should you.

Support is essential to well being ( mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ),
and I offer it freely, to all with no strings implied or attached.

Reality, Compassion and Education are needed much more than Illusions and Rose colored glasses.

If you enjoy my writings, pass them on, help make someone else's day and life a little more enjoyable.


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