If my words have touched you in any way ...

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Many types of personalities as well as people inhabit this world.

Some powerful, some meek, some strong, some week.

We all need some support and encouragement at some point in our life, it's what's needed for progress and allows us, as humans to move forward.

Never one to criticize, but always open to betterment, if I have in any way touched your life with my words or phrases, some harsh, others soft, please pass that on to some one else, we all need someone to talk to and a little help sometimes in carrying our burdens.

My objective was to lift your spirits, awaken that inner you that once guided you on the right path towards happiness.

I closed my eyes to the compassion here intentionaly and noticed that many want pity when compassion is offered.

No magic potions or secret words, no amulets or rituals, just research, education and a little human compassion is what I have to offer.

Many people want sympathy, miracles and instant success and cures for all in life.
They do not exist, if they did, there would be no problems, medically or socially in this world.

Keep ignorance, negativity and selfishness at bay.
Educate yourself on the subject of Diabetes and Awareness of such, and take care of yourself because it starts with you.

Sometimes we expect too much too soon.
Patience should be sought and is always needed.

Continuing to support and helping one another will also help you, keep each other informed and elevate one another's spirits through truth and practices.

Together it makes the journey that much more comfortable and enjoyable for all.

M.C.Mays Pulliam … 1/26/2010

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Harlen 2010-01-26 11:20:09 -0600 Report

As a frend I would like to take this time to ask you a question
Do you think that you just may be coming on a bit hard?
Best wishes

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