Dead man walking/ Alive again

Rick Ginyard
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Three years ago i was diagnosed with diabetes. Not having a clue what was going on with my body(which i knew very well). First having to urinate like every 3-5 minutes,vision was hazey,tired and dehydrated. I had a Dr's appointment three days prior. Seen my doctor…everything's fine til three days later and all hell broke loose. When at the Dr's office i wasn't there no more than 10 minutes when the nurse came out to tell me to go straight to the Hospital(accross the street)that they were waiting for me. Puzzled as i was, so i went. When i get there i was admitted instantly. I was also told that my blood-sugar was over 1700. However I didn't feel any different, but was told i was very blessed to be alive still. I stayed in Hospital a week until they got it down. Long story short…I'm still here and feeling better than ever(thank God)lost about 30lbs down to where i should be between 140-150, don't excercise a lot but my job keeps me busy. So that's my story…keep me in your prayers and God Bless.

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spiritwalker 2010-01-26 17:13:09 -0600 Report

Welcome toDC. We are sure glad to hear you are making progress. It sounds as if you are doing well now. Keep
up the great work. Everyone here is willing to listen and
share from their experiences.

alanbossman 2010-01-26 11:42:20 -0600 Report

Well Rick God sure was looking out for you most people would have gone into a coma and would have died. count your blessing.

lipsie 2010-01-26 11:21:45 -0600 Report

Absolutely amazing!! I could not even image, my sugar affects me just over 150 now a days, wow. You are a suvivor that is for certain, meant to be here for a reason a two that's for sure eh? God Bless!! Hugs! Sheila

Plucky 2010-01-26 10:11:26 -0600 Report

Amazing how 1700 and your body doesn't put out stronger signals! Thank god you survived! And now you know what miniscule signs to be aware of! It is good you found this website as a resource too! Hang in there and keep walking tall!
God bless!