Smile ... It's worth more than you can ever imagine

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Here is an experiment to try.

Smile at someone, a baby, a small child, a stranger, a loved one, at yourself in the mirror.

What happens ?

You get a smile back in return.

Why ?
Because it's contagious !

Forget the technical and anatomical aspects of what facial muscles are involved with smiling.

A smile is the result of so much inner joy and happiness that it boils over from within you or someone else and it must escape, and it does.

In the form of a Smile.

It's also a part of the healing process along with laughter, (smile's companion), together they make a life of pain, misery and gloom a little easier to deal with, sometimes.

And they're free, they do not cost you anything, smiles help expel sadness, gloom and unhappiness out of your life for the moment, opening the door for peace, joy, happiness and contentment to take up residence inside of you, so chase those blues away.

Smile ..!

Life goes further, and is much more meaningful when you are happy !

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London 2010-01-26 20:20:30 -0600 Report

I love smiles. The best ones are when your having a bad day and your children can brighten u up with just a smile! Priceless. :)