You Must Try .. !

By MAYS Latest Reply 2011-04-19 09:43:21 -0500
Started 2010-01-26 03:58:27 -0600

Wishing, Hoping and Praying won't cure Diabetes.

It may help you to feel better emotionally, temporarily, but it doesn't cure diabetes.

You must try to Understand what Diabetes is and does, the different types of Diabetes and the Complications of Diabetes.

You must try to break old, negative habits and form new positive ones to help establish a pattern for successfull living or elimination of diabetes.

Elimination meaning if you are pre-diabetic doing what's necessary to prevent from getting it.

There are no miracle cures, if there were there would be no need for medical intervention.
Take the time to work with your doctor in developing a plan and implementing it.

You must try not only for yourself, but also for those who love and cherish you.
Your pain is also felt by those who are close to you, and by others afflicted with diabetes

That is the main reason why … You Must Try.

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Yasmina 2011-04-19 09:43:21 -0500 Report

Not ot really try to save your way of life, your very life, would be a travisty. Everyone needs to know that there is a way to beat this disease and to keep on living. It is so sad to see someone who just quits trying.
There have been alot of things in my life to discourage me from going on in life…including this disease…but I haven't stopped trying and don't plan on doing so. I have always said that I was going to go out kicking and screaming until it was my time to go. I haven't changed my mind just because I am a diabetic, have neuopathy in my feet, and a stent in my heart.
I still plan on being here for a while and there isn't anyone other than the Creator the will change my mind.
So yes…follow your health team's advice, the diet, the exercise, the medication…and add to it attitude, dedication, common sense, willpower, and the courage to go on and conquor!

Hinboyz3 2010-01-26 04:50:20 -0600 Report

Well put Mays, we all must try!! Life is already too short. So we need to cherish what we do have in this life and be grateful.