No Time To Complain ..!

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It's easy to …

Complain, Cry, Walk away, Blame, Stay in bed,
Sulk, Curse, Look for a way out and to not do anything.

While you are doing " nothing " Diabetes is doing something !

Ever so slowly, your body is changing due to the complications it's facing dealing with Diabetes.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late .. !

Diabetes is Serious and should be taken Seriously !

An enormous strain is being placed on all of your internal organs forcing them to work harder and assist one another in the supportive and back up roles that although they can do, they were designed to do on a limited basis !

So they work harder, causing them to eventually break down, meaning YOU break down !

Diabetes doesn't allow you the time to sit back and feel sorry for yourself, it works on you 24\7,
every second of the day on all parts of your body.

Education and Action are the keys to understanding and combating Diabetes.

No one " Agrees or Volunteers " to be a Diabetic, the point is, regardless of HOW the next step is NOW !

Now is the time to do what needs to be done,
Diabetes has had a headstart against you in this Race for Survival, it's not going to be easy.

It wouldn't be a challenge if it where easy, take the proper steps to begin running and winning this race against Diabetes, talk to your doctor, do what is asked of you, document your progress in a log book or diary,eat healthy,exercise,stay informed and most importantly ENJOY LIFE .. !

Find out what Diabetes is and what it does by watching the videos by clicking the links below.

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