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One of the greatest joys in the world is to look into the eyes of a small child and to see the world as they see it, trusting and in awe.

Children with their innocence do not understand things which are complex and they trust and depend on us to teach and explain to them as well as to protect them.

Diabetes afflicts both the young as well as the old, yet we blame and children accept.

Although they do not understand why.

When a child places his \ her hand in yours they are also placing blind faith in you that everything will be alright.
When you see a child drained of that youthful spirit, unnaturally tired yet trying to smile at you whenever they see you, it breaks your heart.

Happy one day, sad the next, energetic now, lifeless later, yet trying to force a smile when they see you.

A child will always keep your spirits high knowing that you need that smile much more than they do, what they need is that touch from you, a hug, a kiss, for you to hold their hand tightly, making them feel safe and secure.

We forget that something as simple as a smile does wonders, something that comes naturally is often hidden or forgotten entirely because we forgot that we were once innocent, once children.

We all share this pain in one way or another, together we can help ease some of it.

Smile !

Take a few minutes to click on the link below and see something that will touch your heart !

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