Steps ....

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In life we all take steps …

Some big, some small, some forward, some backward, some sideways, you get the point.

As a diabetic, we all have to take steps, even when it's painful or when we're exhausted.

Feeling strained, drained and dealing with aches, twitching, tingling, itches and burning sensations is no fun, often bordering on frustration to the point of tears.

Only a diabetic can understand somewhat what it's like because we are all different with different levels of strength, understanding, determination and commitment.

We must continue to take the steps, big or small, which are necessary for survival even when we feel that we just can't do it any longer.

We must deal with diabetes or it will deal with us.
It may sound bad, because it is bad.

Diabetes can kill you if it's not taken under control, you can and will control it, you must.

The complications the body has to deal with are constantly damaging your internal organs, causing an emotional roller coaster that you would like to stop but cannot at times.

Starting now, do what needs to be done,
take that step, big or small, even when you feel that you can't.

Every step taken, helps everyone of us ..!

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