No Quick Fix

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Research on the subject of Diabetes is important.

Please be advised that there are no quick fixes, potions or amulets that will cure, suppress or make your Diabetes disappear.

Don't be fooled by ads, opinions or home remedies that offer miraculous results.

They sound good but can be disastrous !

Ask your doctor or healthcare provider questions, use your computer, your telephone, your mouth and your mind to do research.

Take your medications, follow directions, document results for future reference and keep a positive mindset pertaining to a successful outcome, but please be honest with yourself and others concerning your health and conditions.

Support one another and accept the support being offered.
As humans we don't know it all and we can't do it all, but we can help one another.

Being a diabetic is an ongoing educational, learning process, keep your mind open and active and never stop learning.

Remain hopeful, if not for yourself, then for others.

Your life, health and happiness depends on it.

When skies are grey, the sun always shines above the clouds .. !

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