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Carol Ann
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I've lost 47 pounds since Jan 2009, but at Christmas time I wasn't so careful and have not been seriously eating right. I did gain 4 pounds, but in the last week have lost it. For the last several months before Christmas while still following the same diet as before,I did not loose anything. I only need to loose 15 more pounds and I'm hoping I won't have the same results as before Christmas.
I was reading some friends profile and she said she had a regular breakfast and the frozen lean dinners for lunch and dinner. I thought this was a great idea and got some yesterday. I'm watching all the numbers and sticking withing the proper numgers/calories.
Does anyone else use the lean dinners and get good results? I sure would love to have suggestions.

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alanbossman 2010-01-25 21:14:55 -0600 Report

No i dont eat those lean dishes i just eat portion size meals which is chicken,fish,and turkey for main meals.
Salads,fruits and vegs. and lite snacks. I have lost 45 lbs.

Carol Ann
Carol Ann 2010-01-26 08:33:51 -0600 Report

That's pretty much what I have also, but I just like the idea of having something quick for lunch. When I'm out at lunchtime, I carry a South Beach meal bar with me. When I'm at home and have a meal bar, I add a salad.

It took me 11 months to loose 47 pounds, how long did it take you to loose your weight?

Carol Ann
Carol Ann 2010-01-27 19:42:05 -0600 Report

Alan, I don't know who's post I answered, but it wasn't yours. I just saw it this evening. Why do you say not to eat the frozen lean meals if I stay within the carb and fat limit. I'm trying to find something that is quick to fix. Any suggestions.
Carol Ann